Friday, February 25, 2011

Discharge Megapost

Maybe you're all already tired of being apologized to about my late posts, so this time, I won't . But I will make it up to you guys with a Discharge megapost.

This band needs no introduction. Those of you who haven't heard of the Discharge must be living under a rock this couple of decades. This is one of the best bands EVER! They influenced countless bands from UK, US of A, South America, Asia and any place with population above zero.


[Click on the title to download]

Monday, December 27, 2010

VA - Rubaiyat [Elektra's 40th Anniversary

First up, belated Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all of you!!!

As usual, I'm late again. But I'm really, really busy. Anyway, enough about that.

I got this comp on a cassette first. The two cassettes were each sold separately. So, I bought the one with Metallica covering Stone Cold Crazy. I was into the whole thrash thing at the moment and it's the sanest thing to do. Satisfied with (I think) cassette 2, I bought the other one a week after. It's not the greatest compilation but it has some flashes of brilliance here and there. You be the judge...

Here's the tracklist

CD 1

1. The Cure: "Hello, I Love You" (the Doors, 1968)
2. Tracy Chapman: "The House of the Rising Sun" (Glenn Yarbrough, 1957)
3. Billy Bragg: "7 and 7 Is" (Love, 1966)
4. Jevetta Steele: "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" (New Seekers, 1971)
5. Gipsy Kings: "Hotel California" (Eagles 1976)
6. The Black Velvet Band: "Werewolves of London" (Warren Zevon, 1978)
7. The Sugarcubes: "Motorcycle Mama" (Sailcat, 1972)
8. Shinehead: "One Meatball" (Josh White, 1956)
9. The Havalinas: "Bottle of Wine" (Tom Paxton, 1965)
10. Pixies: "Born in Chicago" (Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 1965)
11. Faster Pussycat: "You're So Vain" (Carly Simon, 1972)
12. Kronos Quartet: "Marquee Moon" (Television, 1977)
13. Phoebe Snow: "Get Ourselves Together" (Delaney & Bonnie, 1968)
14. Happy Mondays: "Tokoloshe Man" (John Kongos, 1972)
15. Ernie Isley: "Let's Go" (The Cars, 1979)
16. Lynch Mob: "Going Down" (Don Nix and the Alabama State Troopers, 1972)
17. Arto Lindsay & The Ambitious Lovers: "A Little Bit of Rain" (Fred Neil, 1965)
18. Anita Baker: "You Belong to Me" (Carly Simon, 1978)
19. Howard Jones: "Road to Cairo" (David Ackles, 1968)

[edit] CD 2

1. The Big F: "Kick Out the Jams" (MC5, 1969)
2. The Georgia Satellites: "Almost Saturday Night/Rockin' All Over the World" (Status Quo, 1975)
3. Sara Hickman: "Hello, I Am Your Heart" (Dennis Linde, 1973)
4. Teddy Pendergrass: "Make It with You" (Bread, 1970)
5. Linda Ronstadt: "The Blacksmith" (a cappella) (Kathy & Carol, 1965)
6. Bill Frisell, Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz: "Going Going Gone" (Bob Dylan, 1974)
7. Jackson Browne: "First Girl I Loved" (The Incredible String Band, 1967)
8. 10,000 Maniacs: "These Days" (Jackson Browne, 1973)
9. Metallica: "Stone Cold Crazy" (Queen, 1974)
10. Danny Gatton: "Apricot Brandy" (Rhinoceros, 1968)
11. Shaking Family: "Union Man" (The Cate Brothers, 1975)
12. They Might Be Giants: "One More Parade" (Phil Ochs, 1964)
13. Howard Hewett: "I Can't Tell You Why" (Eagles, 1979)
14. Leaders of the New School: "Mt. Airy Groove" (Pieces Of A Dream, 1982)
15. Shirley Murdock: "You Brought The Sunshine" (The Clark Sisters, 1983)
16. John Eddie: "Inbetween Days" (The Cure, 1985)
17. The Beautiful South: "Love Wars" (Womack & Womack, 1983)
18. Michael Feinstein: "Both Sides Now" (Judy Collins, 1967)
19. John Zorn: "T.V. Eye" (The Stooges, 1970)
20. The Cure: "Hello, I Love You" (slight return)

Rattus - Levytykset 1981-1984 Recorded Works

RATTUS was formed in the spring of 1978 by Jake and Vellu who started to play mostly English punk bands´ songs just for fun (Sex Pistols, Damned, Clash, etc.). A few weeks later they asked Jake´s brother Tomppa to join the band and so he did.

The name RATTUS was taken from the first Lp of THE STRANGLERS, "Rattus Norvegicus". RATTUS is latin meaning a rat, a very big rat. In the early days RATTUS did shows only in their hometown and near of it.

In 1980 RATTUS released their 1st record, a 2-song 7" on their own ´Hilipili records´ label. Only 200 copies were made and sold mostly to friends.

The 2nd record was recorded the same year and released in the beginning of 1981,again on Hilipili records. 200 were made in the 1st pressing and 100 more were made,including 50 of those,which were sent to England as a recordstore/mailorder called Bullet records really liked the band (also other early Finninsh punk bands!!!) and wanted to help out selling in England.

After that Poko Records label (also a record store called Epe´s) signed the band and the next four records (1x 12" + 1x 7" + 2x 12") were released on Poko,they were all combined on one Cd (recorded works 1981 - 1984) which was released in 1993.

In november 1981 RATTUS supported The Exploited on their three date tour in Finland. RATTUS was also supposed to support the Dead Kennedys in december but somehow didn´t make it. (Jello Biafra heard about it years later and wasn´t very happy that RATTUS wasn´t the support band).

At the beginning of 1983, the search for singer began, since Jake wanted to concentrate on playing guitar. At first rehearsals were done with band´s old friend Astro. You can check some tracks here. At last, the band chose Annikki, who was the second choice after Astro. Annikki had been with band as roadie since the beginning so the choice was quite natural.

The 1st time RATTUS played outside of Finland was in Arhus, Denmark (1983).

In the spring of 1984 RATTUS did a four week European tour playing shows in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Denmark and England.

In january of 1984 rattus recorded songs for "Ihmiset on sairaita" Ep and Poko records was supposed to release it but then the boss of Poko thought that punk wasn´t selling enough anymore and said that RATTUS should try to find another label to release it. That label wasn´t found until spring of 1985 when a new label called Ann & Archies records released it as their 1st release. Those tracks were included on Brazilian version of "Uskonto on vaara", which now has 15 tracks (well, I´d like count ´Medley´ as three tracks here...) and is a full killer Lp !!! One of these songs is on Maximum Rock´n´Roll ´Welcome to 1984´ compilation Lp.

At the time members of RATTUS started to listen more and more metal (Metallica, Slayer and VENOM) and songs also started to sound more metal. Annikki wasn´t good enough anymore in the new style and Jake took on the vocals in march of 1986. Anyway, two new, more metallic tracks, with Annikki doing the vocals, were released on "Have a rotten chrismas Vol II" compilation.

So, Jake started to sing again and band was also again a three-piece.

In july RATTUS recorded a new Lp but the label Dekadenz, who also paid the studios, wasn´t too happy with new, more metallic material. Album "Stolen Life" was left to be released later in France and Brazil.

A new member Kari joined band as a 2nd guitarist in december of 1986. First shows with new lineup took place in Sweden and denmark in february 1987. Most of the crowd were expecting for old HC-punk sound and were disappointed to what they heard.

In november 1987, RATTUS recorded a 2-song 7" which became their last official recording.

Rattus broke up in february 1988. Last show was in Jyväskylä 15th january 1988. [Story taken from Rattus-Fanzine and liner-notes of "RATTUS-Täältä tullaan kuolema" Cd.]

Black Flag - Everything Went Black

"There is no way to review an album like this without starting a major war." [from]

That being said, I'm not gonna.

A little bit of background to those of you who are new to Black Flag (?). I don't know if that person actually existed. Well, just in case... This is a collection of pre-Rollins Black Flag. It consisted of works from the his three predecessors - Keith Morris, Ron Reyes [Chavo], and Dez Cadena. Enjoy!!!

Suicidal Tendencies - the Art of Rebellion

"On the group's earliest albums, vocalist Mike Muir specialized in intense, angst-ridden rants, harrowing but one-dimensional. He has since developed into a rock-solid vocalist, his voice a powerful and fluid instrument. Muir still delivers emotionally ferocious spoken-word segments on "Nobody Hears" and "I Wasn't Meant to Hear This," but the trademark is woven into good songs rather than being an end onto itself. A clenched fist in a velvet glove -- or is it an open hand in chain mail? -- whichever, The Art of Rebellion packs a punch that should win over new devotees while maintaining the group's hardcore following."[AMG]

In my opinion, this is their "alternative" album. I bought two cassettes of this one because I kind of overplayed the first one, and I almost overplayed the next cassette until I finally bought the CD. Their sound is fresh but never strayed very far from their roots. It only shows the maturity of the band, especially Mike Muir. My favorite here is I'll Hate You Better. I just love the lyrics - "my hate is better to give than to recieve" just to name a one. Plus, I'm a fan of Josh Freese of the Vandals and he played drums on this album!

Suicidal Tendencies - Join the Army

According to some pundits, this is a bad album but I beg to disagree. I love this album! They maybe suffering from some identity crisis - to crossover to thrash metal or to stay in hardcore? But overall this is not bad as it seems. I think, I read somewhere that this is the only hardcore album to crack the Billboard's Top 200 Charts. Not that it actually mattered to hardcore fans but it's still a mean feat nonetheless. I don't know if my memory served me right, so you can correct me if I'm wrong on this one.

Suicidal Tendencies - Self-Titled

"Fast, furious, and funny, Suicidal Tendencies' self-titled debut owed much more to hardcore punk than to the later hardcore/heavy metal hybrid they would become known for, but it's still quite possibly their best album. Mike Muir proves himself an articulate lyricist and commentator, delving into subjects like alienation, depression, and nonconformist politics with intelligence and humor. The band behind him is aggressive and speedy, but never sinks into an overly fast sonic blur. Contains the classic rant "Institutionalized."[AMG]

Monday, November 29, 2010

Young Canadians - No Escape

To make up with the lack of post last month, I’ll be posting twice this month. And right now it’s the Young Canadians. They were one of the earliest punk bands in Vancouver, together with DOA. They were formerly known as the K-Tels until they were threatened by the actual record company of the same name, just like what happened with Redd Kross.

They played punk with some power pop undertones. Their music is more akin with the Pointed Sticks than DOA. They only released a handful of EPs and singles and it is collected here in No Escape plus some live tracks.

These guys are legends in their own right, so grab it now.


Young Fresh Fellows - Electric Bird Digest

This is my favorite YFF record. It's mixture power pop and rock tunes made this album worth a listen. When I first got this, I can't believe how good these guys are, especially their guitarist.

Here are some info about the band:

The Young Fresh Fellows are an American alternative rock group that was formed in 1981 in Seattle, Washington, by Scott McCaughey and Chuck Carroll; Tad Hutchison, Chuck Carroll's first cousin, joined for the recording of the group's debut album in 1983.
Their first album was The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest (1984) after which Jim Sangster joined the group on bass and McCaughey switched from bass to guitar. Carroll left the group in 1988, and was replaced by Kurt Bloch from The Fastbacks.
The song "Amy Grant", a comical song about Contemporary Christian music and pop music artist Amy Grant, from the album The Men Who Loved Music, was a huge success on college radio and arguably their biggest "hit."
The band are still together, although after 1996's A Tribute To Music they released no new material until Because We Hate You (2001), a split release with McCaughey's other band, the Minus 5. McCaughey has given more attention to the Minus 5 since then, while Bloch and Sangster have formed the band Sgt. Major, and Hutchison is working more on visual art and design, as well as performing/recording as Chris & Tad with Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America. However, the Fellows released I Think This Is in 2009 and embarked on a tour of Spain that October.
Since 1994, McCaughey has been a sort of "fifth member" of R.E.M., working with the band both onstage and in the studio.
The band was mentioned in the They Might Be Giants song "Twisting", and in the song by The Ziggens "Big Salty Tears", which was later covered by Brad Nowell of Sublime on the album "Brad Nowell & Friends: Acoustic".
The tribute album This One's for the Fellows (2004) features twenty covers of Young Fresh Fellows songs by artists including The Presidents of the United States of America, Robyn Hitchcock, and The Makers. (wikipedia)

Young Fresh Fellows - the Men Who Loved Music

The Men Who Loved Music was the third album by rock band Young Fresh Fellows. Their first for Frontier Records, it was released in 1987.
Tracks 1-14 are from the original release of "The Men Who Loved Music" (spine title: "Chicago 19"). Tracks 16-21 on the CD reissue are from the EP "Refreshments" (spine title: "Condiments"). Track 15 (Happy Death Theme) was cut from the original album release for space reasons, and is available only on the combined CD.[1] The reissue CD does not contain the Young Fresh Fellows Theme (remix), which was on the original vinyl release of "Refreshments".
Track 22 is listed in some music databases as 'Do the Fonzie'. The face of the CD is illustrated with a picture of the character Fonzie from the TV show Happy Days. (Wikipedia)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

VA - Another Damned Seattle Compilation [Tribute to the Damned]

I’m sorry about the late posts and totally missed October but I’m too busy and lazy [whoa! that’s an oxymoron] at the same time. Busy doing a lot of father/husband stuff and lazy posting. Actually, I’ve already uploaded at least 10 records but I’m so tired lately to write something up.

Anyways, I’ll try to make up for that with this post. This a Seattle tribute to one of the best punk bands ever – the Damned!

The culprits here are the who’s who of the Seattle scene:

the Purdins – 1 of the 2
Young Fresh Fellows – Fan Club
Coffin Break – Love Song
Skin Yard – Machine Gun Etiquette
Gas Huffer – Suicide
the Accused – Neat Neat Neat
Love Battery – I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
Motorhoney – Psychomannia
Freak – Anti-Pope
Flop – Disco Man
Hammerbox – New Rose
Derelicts – Born to Kill
Gruntruck – Nasty
Mudhoney – Stab Your Back
The Posies – Smash It Up
Big Satan Inc. – Melody Lee
Whitey – Wait for the Blackout
Fastbacks – Hit or Miss
Young Fresh Fellows – Life Goes On


the Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette

The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette

There’s much fuzz on what was the Damned’s best record ever – their debut Damned Damned Damned or this one, their third. Honestly, I am more partial with their debut but I totally enjoy Machine Gun as well. Anyways, I’m known to change my opinion regarding which is the best album of a particular band, but right now it is STILL Damned Damned Damned.

Machine Gun Etiquette boasts some of the Damned best songs ever – Love Song, the title track, Plan 9 Channel 7, Smash It Up, plus covers [MC5’s Looking at You, Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz and Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit].

I was supposed to upload their debut album only to find out that I left it at my sister’s house where most of my records are. Good thing Punk Not Profit blog posted that record, So, just click HERE to redirect you to that excellent blog for the Damned Damned Damned album.


Chameleons - Live Shreds

A friend of mine gave me this CD while as was visiting him at his house. He knew I like the Chameleons UK and he’s not that much into it anyways. Too bad for him, but a million thanks brother!

This is one of the best post-punk bands ever. And the bands up there in my list together with Joy Division, and the Sound, just to name a few.

This is taken of the group’s official website:

Few bands have enjoyed a larger "cult following" than Greater Manchester, England's Chameleons U.K. - known to the rest of the world as simply as The Chameleons - and, accordingly, their brief offshoot bands The Sun and the Moon and The Reegs. Though this commercially unsuccessful quartet split up nine years ago without notice, announcement, or fanfare, the group's ravenous army of scattered fans worldwide have refused to let their uniquely emotional, intensely atmospheric, powerful post-punk slip from the memory.
The demand is such that in the last six years, no less than ten full albums of unreleased Chameleons' material have been released, on two U.S. labels, Dutch East India and caroline, and four English labels, Imaginary, Nighttracks, Glass Pyramid, and Bone Idol: four live LPs of British radio sessions, and three more of studio outtakes and early demos, including the famed scrapped fourth LP sessions from 1987, released as Tony Fletcher Walked on Water.
These ten posthumous collections are even more astounding, when one considers that Chameleons only made three albums(!) during their existence, 1981-1987, the last of which, 1986's double-LP masterpiece Strange Times was even issued two years ago here in the States by original label Geffen Records, bowing to immense public pressure and a flood of fan mail requests. Likewise, their first two LP's, 1983's 58-minute monster debut Script of the Bridge and 1985's astonishing follow-up What Does Anything Mean? Basically, both originally issued on import on Statik, were recently given their second reissue in England via Dead Dead Good Records (A bastardised version of the former with several songs missing appeared here for one season in 1984 on MCA, earning the major label the ire of both the band and the fans. Fortunately, it's now as out of print as The Beatles' Yesterday & Today "butcher sleeve". Think about that reference for a second...).
Got all that? Yeah, it's a hell of a '90s blizzard for an '80s band. Like the one that dumped nearly three feet of snow on my New York apartment this past January. But it's a deluge warranted by the singular quality of the music. Which can only mean still more to come. Thus:
Make that eleven posthumous LP' (and four live ones). You have before you the latest argument for the lasting brilliance of the Chameleons. Rather than flogging a decidedly beaten horse to death, this Live at the Hacienda documents territory quite different from that of its sister releases. The ultimate live statement of the group is definitely the import Live in Toronto (I felt so strongly about this Canadian radio broadcast, I even unwittingly supplied the tape for the release), which catches them in full bloom, from their final ever, devastating tour in North America, February-March 1987. And surely one of Toronto's main advantages is that it hits on all three original LPs material, and that the line-up had tightened over the years of gigging and recording. But Live in the Hacienda boasts a recording as crystal clear and dynamic, only of an infinitely more naive, innocent period of the band, equally fascinating.
It's recorded at the notorious downtown-Manchester dance club (and later "Acid House" palace) The Hacienda. Co-owned by Factory Records boss Tony Wilson and his label's marketplace heavyweight champions New Order, then as now one of the biggest (and hippest) bands in Britain. The place had a big buzz for kick-starting careers. For example, another obscure, unsigned Manchester area band also yet to make their first LP had the sense to gig there in 1983, namely The Smiths!
In such an obviously apropos atmosphere, this short concert predates the recording of Script of the Bridge in 1983; one can tell because "A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days" is introduced as "Men of Steel," from the repeated words of the chorus. Likewise "Thursday's Child" appears here as "Years Ago," with some small differences in the original verses' lyrics. But even if one is not a rabid, frothing Chameleons fanatic/historian, likely to be roused by such ephemera, there can be no question that the little bits of boisterous brilliance are already slotted into place, the cornerstone of the formula that was to inspire endless worship.
Unlike the two year period that predated this concert - see the posthumous Fan and the Bellows (a former indie label release also recently reissued by Geffen) and Dali's Picture collections and the first Peel Session if you are curious for The Chameleons rough-hewed but sometimes knockout diaper phase - we find here the classic line-up that made all their releases finally formulated: young drummer John Lever is comfortable ensconced on drums in relief of earlier pounders Brian Schofield and even original Magazine drummer Martin Jackson, his trademark rhythms, deft touches, and power-style form the solid backbone for the band's epic sweep.
Equally important, The Chameleons here hit on the guitar combination that was to become their main innovation, the unbeatable duo of Dave Fielding's delay-ridden, smouldering, glistening, other-worldly strumming, pitted against Reg Smithies staccato, harsh, post-punk plucking, each note as clearly defined and sharp as Fielding's is blurred and billowing. The marriage of Fielding's cascading tones and the rich, deep bottom end of Burgess's looping bass creates the unbelievably warm textures found once again here, just as Smithies' aggressive precision and Lever's insistent beats supply the forward thrust. The result sounds as fresh and magical today.
Since this concert, which was originally issued in 1994 in Britain with some raw footage as a video, is somewhat on the short side, three songs from another performance of this percolating period are also tacked on, from the previous year at the Gallery. Like six of the seven Hacienda tracks, these three were later properly recorded for Script of the Bridge (the only exception, "In Shreds", was the band's first single, a 7" on the CBS major label, a corporation that did as majors do, dropping the band despite a full sell-out off the few-thousand pressed), but you can hear t


Japan - the Very Best of

A lot of people could not believe that I like this band. Hey, same here! It must be mind control or something… or they’re just plain good. Yeah I know it’s not up in my alley but who cares.

I can still remember the first Japan song I heard over at the sadly-defunct radio station here in Manila – XB 102. It’s Visions of China. It’s not “Wow, what a great song!” but I kind of crept-up slowly in my brain. Then, the next song was Gentlemen Take Polaroids followed by their Smokey Robinson cover – I Second That Emotion. After those songs, I said to myself that this band’s something else. David Sylvian’s voice is unique and easily recognizable, and don’t forget Mick Carn’s haunting bass.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

VA - God Save the Queen [76-99 2o Years of Punk]

As the title implies, this is a compilation commemorating the 20 years of the genre we came to love - PUNK!!!

This is a 3 CD compilation and I'm gonna let the tracklists to the talking.


CD 1

  1. Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
  2. Vice Squad - Black Sheep
  3. Anti Nowhere League – I Hate People
  4. 999 – Homecide (Live)
  5. Johnny Thunders – Chinese Rocks (Live)
  6. Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
  7. Chaotic Dischord – Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You
  8. Chaos UK – Four Minute Warning
  9. Red London – CND
  10. the Adicts – Bad Boy
  11. Menace – GLC
  12. Alternative TV – How Much Longer?
  13. Blitz – Warriors
  14. Stiff Little Fingers – Listen (Live)
  15. Exploited – Alternantive
  16. the Ruts – Babylon’s Burning
  17. Slaughter & the Dogs – White Light White Heat (Live)
  18. the Damned – Disco Man
  19. the Stranglers – Go Buddy Go (Live)
  20. Anti Pasti – Another Dead Soldier

CD 2

  1. Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device (Live)
  2. GBH – Catch 22
  3. Chelsea – Evacuate (Live)
  4. Chron Gen – Jet Boy Jet Girl
  5. the Adicts – Joker in the Pack
  6. Eater – Thinking of the USA
  7. the Drones – Bone Idle
  8. Suburban Stubs – No Faith
  9. Dead Kennedys – Kill the Poor
  10. Peter & the Test Tube Babies – Up Your Bumn
  11. the Ressurection Experience – Do What I Do
  12. Sham 69 – Hurry Up Harry
  13. Electric Sex Circus – Spanner Badge
  14. the Adicts – Chinese Takeaway
  15. the Damned – Help (Live)
  16. Patrick Fitzgerald – All My Friends
  17. UK Subs – I Live in a Car
  18. Splodge – Tough Shit Wilson
  19. the Ruts – In a Rut
  20. Eddie & the Hot Rods – Teenage Depression (Live)

CD 3

  1. Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK (Live)
  2. the Lurkers – New Guitar in Town
  3. Chelsea -0 Right to Work (Live)
  4. the Stranglers – Peaches (Live)
  5. the Adverts – No Time to be 21
  6. Chron Gen – Misadventure
  7. the Damned – New Rose (Live)
  8. Electric Sex Circus – Cut Your Head Off
  9. Newtown Neurotics – the Mess
  10. Angelic Upstarts – Machine Gun Kelly
  11. One Way System – Cum On Feel the Noize
  12. the Vibrators – Baby Baby
  13. Angelic Upstarts – Upstarts (Live)
  14. Varukers – Massacred Millions
  15. Special Duties – Bullshit Crass
  16. the Lurkers – Just 13
  17. Cockney Rejects – Flares & Slippers
  18. the Morgans – Tommy
  19. Sham 69 – If the Kids Are United
  20. the Boys – I Don’t Care

Download Here

Psychedelic Furs - Book of Days

I was always fascinated by this album because this record was always included in the College Radio Top Ten at the back of Spin Magazine. I always borrow my friend Najib’s Spin and Rolling Stone magazines when we were in college. So I said to myself “What’s the fuzz with this album?” I had Mirror Moves and not very impressed.

They released their best of called All of This and Nothing and totally loved their new song included in that compilation called All That Money Wants. And I thought, this might be their direction in the Book of Days. And I was right.

I love their mixture of guitars and keyboards here, and to think I’m not a fan of keyboards. Anyways, I think you’re gonna love this one.


Download Here

Generation X - Generation X [Remastered]

Generation X history was rooted in another legendary punk band, Chelsea. But after a few gigs, three of the four members left the band and formed Generation X. Only Gene October remained of the original four.

Generation X came to prominence way after its demise, thanks to one Billy Idol who became a huge star in the 80’s. Also, Tony James’ post-Gen X band Sigue Sigue Sputnik enjoyed some success around that time.

Anyway, this album is a classic thanks (again) to Mr. Idol who churned out some pop punk gems like Ready Steady Go, Kiss Me Deadly, One Hundred Punks, From the Heart. Since this is the remastered version, it includes bonus tracks like their first single Your Generation and Wild Youth and its B-side Wild Dub plus 2 b-sides of Friday’s Angels.

This is a kickass record. And you can’t make a punk compilation with including Ready Steady Go or Kiss Me Deadly.


Download Here

UK Subs - Another Kind of Blues

UK Subs were one of the first wave British punk bands. Formed in 1976, the only main fixture here is the legendary frontman – Charlie Harper. Another Kind of Blues is their debut album and boasts some classic tracks like Stranglehold, CID, I Live in a Car, Tomorrow’s Girls.

UK Subs line-up is like a virtual who’s who in punk. Knox of the Vibrators, Lars Fredricksen of Rancid, and even Flea of RHCP became a member of the UK Subs, playing in the album Mad Cow Fever.

You really, really got to have this if you wanna be called a punk.

Download Here

Sunday, August 29, 2010

VA - Good Songs

Good Songs Tracklist

1. Big Star – Ballad of El Goodo
2. Blind Faith – Presence of the Lord
3. Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody
4. Doobie Brothers – Jesus is Just Alright
5. Eric Clapton – Running on Faith
6. George Harrison – My Sweet Lord
7. Jeff Beck feat. Rod Stewart – People Get Ready
8. Leonard Cohen – If It Be Your Will
9. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Bless His Ever-Loving Heart
10. the Byrds – Turn Turn Turn
11. Tom Waits – Way Down In the Hole
12. U2 – 40
13. U2 – Gloria
14. Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
15. Van Morrison feat. Cliff Richards – Whenever God Shines His Light
16. Violent Femmes – Jesus Walking on Water
17. Wolfgang – Aquarius

In light of the things just happened to me and especially my friend’s nephew’s steady recovery. He had a very bad biking accident a couple days ago. I’d like to say thank to the Lord Almighty for continuously taking care of us and listening to our prayers.

Also, I would like to ask Him to bless our besieged nation after the ‘poorly-handled hostage situation last week involving Hong Kong nationals.’

Here are some of the “Good Songs” I compiled as a ‘thank you’ to the Lord. These songs are about faith, hope and love.

God Bless Us All!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material

Just like the previous post, this is another classic debut album. This was released way back in 1979 and its influence can still be heard thirty years later in your Green Days and Rancids.

Suspect Device in a certifiable punk classic, in league with Anarchy in the UK and New Rose. Standout tracks like Wasted Life and Barb Wire Love make this a solid record from start to finish. A reggae number was thrown in for good measure. And they even took a shot at their own label in the aptly-titled song Rough Trade.

What else can I say about this record that hasn’t been said before? Nothing. So enjoy brothers and sisters!

the Saints - (I'm Stranded)

The Saints – (I’m) Stranded

Last month, I said that I’ll be posting classic punk and hardcore records for youngsters who are new to punk and for those who just discovered punk. In keeping true to my promise, I’m posting not 1 or 2 classic punk records but 5 great debut albums!

First up is (I’m) Stranded, the debut album by the Australian punk legends The Saints.

When The Saints came to the scene back in 1976, they were virtually unknown. Then, a few copies of their first single (I’m) Stranded made it to UK and literally became “overnight” sensations, at least to the punk scene. Their music is more akin to the New York Dolls than the Ramones and their debut is a mixture of garage rock and punk. This is a must have for all punks and would-be punks. If you don’t have this you should grab it now. Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

That Petrol Emotion - Manic Pop Thrill

After the demise of the Undertones, their vocalist Feargal Sharkey embarked on a solo career and the O'neill's formed That Petrol Emotion. At first, I don't know what to think of this record, because I was hoping it would like the Undertones but its not. In fact, it kind of launched the music Madchester bands became famous for.

"That Petrol Emotion's scintillating debut reminds everyone, first and foremost, what an incredible musical alliance the O'Neill brothers can be. Following a succession of independent singles (after all, who wanted to touch a couple of ex-Undertones in the mid-'80s?), they settled on Demon for this inspired debut. "It's a Good Thing," "Mouth Crazy," and "Circusville" are typical of the contents -- relentless pop hooks married to surging guitar chords, underpinned by hints of swamp blues and nods to garage rock and other mutant strains of the rock & roll animal. As naked, bold, and impassioned a record as had been heard in years. The title says it all." (AMG)

That Petrol Emotion - Babble

In my opinion, this is their best album and Manic Pop Thrill came in second. Their songs in all of their releases is an eclectic mix of Brit pop, dance (house ?) music, folk. Plus their highly political lyrics make this album very interesting.

"Following hotly on the heels of 1986's Manic Pop Thrill, That Petrol Emotion's Babble brought more clever madness onto the scene, happily cutting Sean and Damian O'Neill's diversified punk influences with dance music, hook-laden pop, and a streak of acerbic political and social commentary. It certainly wasn't the Undertones. But the wiry, treble-kicking guitars and whooping vocals of "Swamp" made it just as vital, and "Dance Your Ass Off"'s "Party all nights"'s and "Hey! Hey! Hey!"'s weren't so much vapid dancefloor catch phrases as they were righteous calls to action. Despite the hooks that bled from every busted seam, Babble seemed to bask in the glow of a freshly lit car fire. Its walls of guitars, incessant, processed snare kicks, and snarling vocals celebrated the empty calories of pop music, and did so with bared teeth. (Was that a bullet ricocheting off "Split!"'s overdriven rhythm?) At the same time, the album's slower moments were just as accomplished. That Petrol Emotion didn't just set the fires -- they took time to watch them burn. Arriving at a flux point in pop music, Babble became a bridge album between blissfully ignorant dance, radio-ready pop and the remaining sentiment of punk rock. It wasn't just a call-to-arms snapshot at the end of a decade, but a prominent influence on the coming Brit-pop revolution." (AMG)

Love and Rockets - Earth Sun and Moon

The first I heard Love and Rockets was through the local radio station WXB 102.7FM. Their single "If There's a Heaven," off their debut album Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven, received some airplay. Needless to say, that single caught my attention which led me to buying their cassette (good thing it was locally available!). Their debut is a far cry from any Bauhaus releases and they continued this trend up to their last record.

A friend of mine saw Love and Rockets I think in Germany during the Earth Sun and Moon tour where they supported Depeche Mode (it was the 80's and not sure about the details of the story like the country and the headliner, but he saw them and was very impressed) and quickly bought their album after seeing them. He he went back here in the Philippines, he made me a tape and was so pissed because it's not locally available.

I listened to the tape for weeks because their sound was different from what I usually listened to, which is punk, hardcore and metal. No New Tale to Tell became a minor hit for them and I think the Mirror People too but my favorite track here is Waiting for the Flood.

Luckily, this record was made available after So Alive became a smash hit. Actually, all their albums became available locally.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

C.o.C. - Eye for an Eye Plus Six Songs with Mike Singing

I had this idea of posting classic punk and hardcore releases for those youngsters who are new to punk and for those who just discovered punk. Though I have yet to decide how often (every week or every two weeks) but one thing's for sure, I'm gonna do it guys.

And for the first of these classics, I chose C.o.C. because I was wearing their shirt when I thought about this idea. But I had a problem. I can't seem to make up my mind which of the first three releases of C.o.C. I'm going to post. They are all great and classic in my opinion.

So I did the next best thing, post the their first three releases!

So here you go guys, come and get a piece of (hardcore) history.


C.o.C. - Animosity

This is a classic. Anybody who loves hardcore should own one. Don't just take my word for it and read what the "experts" at AMG has to say about it.

"Released in 1985, this second full-length Corrosion of Conformity offering features Mike Dean (bass and vocals,) Reed Mullin (drums), and Woody Weatherman on guitar. Just as the N.C. group's lineup constantly shifted, so did their music. While still plenty hyper, Animosity has a bit more metal mixed in with the hardcore punk of the band's debut, Eye for an Eye. Weatherman's guitars and Mullin's drums get a more sophisticated studio treatment, creating a thicker sound that reflects a mid-80s thrash influence. C.O.C. weren't following any trends, they just incorporated all the things they liked about thrash, punk and '70s metal originators Black Sabbath into their constantly evolving brand of down-home hardcore. The politically charged lyrics that marked the group's early-career progressive outspokenness are very evident on tracks like "Mad World" and "Intervention." With its thematic and sonic improvements to their successfully established punk, Animosity secured Corrosion of Conformity's artistic and commercial credibility." (AMG)

C.o.C. - Technocracy

This is my favorite C.o.C. release. It already has hints of crossover which began in Animosity. But it's not awkward nor did they sounded as a trying-hard crossover band because it's the flavor of the week. But instead, their metal-tinged songs sounded as natural as it comes.


Ministry - Cover Up

By this time, you already know that I'm very much into cover versions. And this Ministry release is one great collection of covers. From The Doors, T. Rex, Sabbath and the Stones just to name a few. Standout tracks for me were the heavier-than-thou versions of Bang a Gong and Space Truckin', the thrash metal-inspired Roadhouse Blues and Mississippi Queen. But there was a misfire as well in the shape of Dylan's Lay Lady Lay. I don't like what they've done to the song.

But overall, this is a very good All Covers Album.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VA - Tribute to the Real Oi! Vol. 1 (and the Originals)

Just like the one I did with Napalm Death’s Leaders Not Followers, I collected another Originals compilation., this time from the Roger Miret’s Tribute to the Real Oi! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Actually, I made this compilation right after the Napalm thing but for some unknown reason, it got pushed back.

I got the originals from my own collection and others from the net.



01. Agnostic Front - Take 'em All (Cock Sparrer)
02. Awkward Thought - Victims (The Strike)
03. Blood For Blood - Ultra Violence (The Oppressed)
04. Discipline - Running Riot (Cock Sparrer)
05. Drokick Murphy's - Hey Little Rich Boy (Sham 69)
06. Kill Your Idols - Work Together (The Oppressed)
07. Madball - Violence In Our Minds (The Last Resort)
08. Oxymoron - The Whole World Is Going Insane (The Insane)
09. Ryker's - Never Surrender (Blitz)
10. Sick Of It All - Working Class Kids (The Last Resort)
11. Stampin Ground - Where Have all The Boot Boys Gone (Slaughter & The Dogs)
12. Stigmata - Riot (The Oppressed)
13. Tech 9 - I'm Gonna Get A Gun (The Ejected)
14. Agnostic Front - Suburban Rebel (The Business)
15. Awkward Thought - G.L.C (Menace)
16. Blood For Blood - Never 'ad Nothin (Angelic Upstarts)
17. Discipline - Generation Of Scars (Terrible Twins)
18. Dropkick Murphy's - Never Again (Angelic Upstarts)
19. Kill Your Idols - Banned From The Pubs (Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
20. Madball - Blind Justice (The Business)
21. Oxymoron - New Age (Blitz)
22. Ryker's - War On The Terraces (Cockney Reject)
23. Sick Of It All - Rip Off (Sham 69)
24. Stampin Ground - Are You Ready To Ruck (Cockney Rejects)
25. Stigmata - Violence (Combat 84)
26. Tech 9 - Sorry (4-Skins)
27. The Business - Crucified (Iron Cross)

Download Here:


the Originals

VA - Tribute to the Real Oi! Vol. 2 (and the Originals)

Tracklist - Vol 2
01- Roger Miret and The Disasters - New York belongs to me (Cock Sparrer)
02-Ignite - The Jinx (Peter and The Test Tube Babies)
03-Second Chance NL-Stark raving normal(The Blood)
04-Bouncing Souls-We're coming back(Cock Sparrer)
05-Brightside-One law for them(4 skins)
06-Cromag, Harley & Friends-Badman(Cockney Rejects)
07-Death Threat-King of the jungle(Last Resort)
08-Hardshell-Friday night(Burial)
09-Vision-Where are they now(Cock Sparrer)
10-Murphys Law-Drinking and driving(The Business)
12-Powerhouse-Gang warfare(The Strike)
13-Funeral Dress-Real enemy(The Business)
14-Re-Tribute: Millwall Roi-Gotta go (Agnostic Front)
15-Roger Miret & The Disasters-Voice of a generation (Blitz)
16-Ignite-Maradona(The Business)
17-Second Chance NL-I won't pay for liberty (Angelic Upstarts)
18-Bouncing Souls-The beginning of the end (Cockney Rejects)
19-Brightside-Hippie punks(Crowbar)
20-Cromag, Harley & Friends-Freedom (Last Resort)
21-Death Threat-Poseur (Combat 84)
22-Hardshell-Take the blame (Vicious Rumours)
23-Vision-Let's break the law (Anti Nowhere League)
24-Beans-What's wrong boy (Slaughter and The Dogs)
25-Powerhouse-Maniac (Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
26-Funeral Dress-Loud and clear (Subculture)
27-Re-Tribute-Last Resort-She's a skinhead girl warrior (Warzone)

Download Here:


the Originals

Butthole Surfers – Independent Worm Saloon

This is the first Butthole Surfers record released here in the land of a thousand smiles and my first Butthole Surfers record as well. At first, I don’t know what to expect from these guys though I heard a lot of good things from them. But my worries were expelled the moment the first song came blasting out from the speakers! There are many standout tracks here so if you don’t have this one yet, now’s the time to get them.


Download Here

Ministry – Psalm 69 The Way to Succeed and The Way to Suck Eggs

Just like the Butthole Surfers post, this was also the first Ministry release here in the Philippines. I’ve been waiting this record to be released here because of the hype surrounding the band (and Industrial music at that time). It’s safe to say that this record did not disappoint, it’s everything I expected it to be.

Two or three years prior, I saw their first record in the imports bin and was all set to buy it. Then my friend who was with me at that time intervened saying “I heard their first album sucks big time, it’s a disco record!” At first I thought he was just kidding, but he was really insistent. Good thing, Go Girl Crazy CD was also available, so I bought the Dictators instead.

I still haven’t heard of the Ministry’s first record so I can’t say if it’s disco or if it sucks big time just as my friend described it.

Anyway, this one definitely rocks and a must have.


Download Here

Half the Battle - What We Have

This is a Filipino hardcore band and this is their debut album. Their music here is a bit of a departure from what they used to play in the triple split with Play and Feud. This is more of a Youth Crewish and I love it. You should check this out really.

Note: To the Pinoi Punks, please support the band and buy the record. I think it is still available at Fishbone’s Middle Finger store in Cartimar Recto.

Download Here

Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Drill Car - A Never-Ending Endeavor

Sorry about the late posts, I’m so busy lately. But I will make it a point to post something worthwhile in this little blog of mine. I actually uploaded a lot in Mediafire but I haven’t got the time to post them.

First up is Big Drill Car’s compilation of rarities, alternate takes, covers and compilation tracks and 5 new recordings, A Never Ending Endeavor. I have to admit I’m a newbie to this band. I first heard them way after their disbandment. They played pop punk predating your Green Days and your Offsprings. Though their sound is a bit polished for may taste, they still manage to get my attention due to the strength of their songs. Standout tracks include The Other, What You Believe and the title track of their last studio album No Worse for the Wear. Their cover of Celebrated Summer and Buzzcocks’ I Don’t Mind are kick-ass but I can’t understand why Billy Joel’s Big Shot?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Download Here

Hard-Ons - Best of...

Along with AC/DC, this is the best Australian band ever! I can’t thank enough my friend who bought me this CD while she was in Australia. The Hard-Ons music is reminiscent of the pop sensibilities of both the Ramones and the Buzzcocks and plus the brashness of Motorhead and throw in some toilet humor for good measure. Their mixture of pop punk, hardcore, metal and psychedelia sets these guys apart.

Download Here