Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bob Mould - Workbook

It should be obvious by now that I'm a big Bob Mould fan. From his work in Husker Du, his solo works and with Sugar's. So posting his first two solo records Workbook and Black Sheets of Rain is not a shocker. Plus I also included the Beaster EP and File Under: Easy Listening both by Sugar.

I made a promise that I'm going to post these releases and here they are. Enjoy!

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Bob Mould - Black Sheets of Rain

A scalding, monolithic collection of soul-baring lyrics and primal guitars, Black Sheets of Rain is extremely powerful musically, but is also slightly monotonous. Nevertheless, the record features several inspired songs from Mould, including the catchy single "It's Too Late."

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Sugar - Beaster

Sugar's Beaster is actually outtakes from their previous dynamite album, Copper Blue. It comes off as some kind of deranged, ugly sister of that sparking album, a yin to Copper's yang, a violent, angry, and seething wall of aggression with (this time) little concession to Bob Mould's pop prowess. Perhaps the most densely recorded, heavy trip the man has produced since Hüsker Dü's Metal Circus in 1983, Beaster is what you might get if Mould had been in the mood to construct a full album of songs like "Slick"'s insanity instead of "Helpless" and "Changes"'s monster hooks. Not that it doesn't still make for great listening once one gets used to the change in focus. "Feeling Better" could have made Copper, with its hooky base (more so than the others here), and the best song, "Titled," is ferocious, fast, furious, and a total knockout, the most aurally exciting post-Hüsker Dü track yet. Again, David Barbe and Malcolm Travis are such a superior rhythm section to Grant Hart and Greg Norton, Sugar is a better update rather than nostalgic reinvention, and bits of Zen Arcade and Black Sheets of Rain aside, Mould has never come off so twisted and out of his gourd. "Come Around"'s "vocals" are all but demonic, and "Judas Cradle" matches metal pounding with MBV/Sonic Youth brutal tones slashing out of the guitars, which gives way to "JC Auto"'s meld of "The Act We Act"-style pounding into a thundering, insane, heavy chorus. When Bob starts seething "I'm your Jesus Christ, I know, I know, I know," you wonder what exactly inspired these straitjacket fits! Man, that's something. Now, there is one major flaw: all the songs need an editor, as with excessive length they approach overkill from too much repetition. Never mind. This is a pretty killer experience more than a record. Whereas Copper Blue made you want to sing along, Beaster makes you hide under the bed. Can't say they didn't warn you; Beaster is well-titled.

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Sugar - File Undeer: Easy Listening

Given Bob Mould's reputation for searing electric rock & roll, it may be easy to think that the title of File Under: Easy Listening is ironic, and it is to a certain extent. But beneath the loud guitars lie the friendliest, most relaxed pop songs Mould had ever written. "Your Favorite Thing" and "Can't Help You Anymore" are two of Mould's most direct, pop-oriented songs, driven by instantly memorable melodies and hooks; they are also the most conventional songs on the record. The best moments come when Sugar push the boundaries a bit, whether it's on the country-rock of "Believe What You're Saying," the swirling "What You Want It to Be" and "Company Book," the searching ballad "Panama City Motel," or "Explode and Make Up," which bristles even at its most delicate moments. Mould throws in one classic spite-fueled rocker, "Granny Cool," but the record's finest moment is "Gee Angel," a powerhouse melodic scorcher.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

VA - New Wave of British Heavy Metal

New Wave of British Heavy Metal

I have to admit I wasn’t aware of this movement until Metallica, specifically Lars Ulrich introduced it to the world at large. Bands like Diamond Head and Angel Witch are totally foreign to me though Tygers of Pan Tang, Venom & Samson are not that new to me.

But I was totally blown away by their music, raw and powerful, a very potent combination indeed.

Anyways, I came to love their music. I hope you feel the same way as I do.


Downlaod Here

CD 1

CD 2

VA - Homage: Tribute to the Descendents

Homage: a Tribute to the Descendents

The Descendents is one of the earliest hardcore bandsd from L.A. They have carved a niche in the hardcore history by writing “love songs” while everyone else are pissed with “everything around them.” Don’t get me wrong, they are one of the meanest, tightest groups ever, but they are not afraid to write and sing songs about girls, which was kind of considered taboo back in the day. Another band that comes to mind when it comes to not being afraid not to conform is Redd Kross. They did a cover of God Thunder while playing in CBGB’s with Circle Jerks & DOA (I think).


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VA - I Wanna be a Stooges: Tribute to the Stooges

I Wanna Be a Stooge: A Tribute to the Stooges

The Kings of Proto-Punk! They were the template for most punk bands and became the yardstick in which punk bands are measured. Bands like the Pistols and the Damned worshipped.

This is an international tribute, bands from Japan, Australia, UK and the US of A all paid their respects to the band that kick started a revolution.

I was very thankful to find this in the bargain bin of the local Tower Records. It’s a kickass record so grab ‘em now.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pack / SOL Southeast Asian Tour Promo CD

Aside from the Cluster Bomb Unit gig here in the philippines, this is the gig i regret to miss. i'm so pissed that i missed these gigs. though i was able to procure the complementary CD's. that's the only consolation. hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

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