Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Last Drop

Here's one of my all-time favorite bands and they released a collection of all their recordings aptly named One Last Drop.
Anthrax were an anarcho punk band formed in Gravesend, Kent, England in 1980. They recorded their first demo in 1981 and went on to release two 7" EPs on Crass Records and Small wonder. They appeared on compilations released by Crass Records, Mortarhate Records and Fightback Records. They toured outside the UK twice in the Netherlands with Dutch band The Ex.

In 2007 the band compiled a compilation CD entitled One Last Drop which includes both demos, both EPs, the Mortarhate compilation track and 2 live tracks. (from Wiki)

And here's Maximum Rock N' Roll's review of the record: ENJOY!

Anthrax - One Last Drop

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Girl, Another Planet

The Only Ones is one of those punk bands who had enjoyed "fame" outside the punk circle. Their most famous song, Another Girl... was covered by such diverse bands such as the Replacements, The Libertines and Blinnk 182.
And here's their bio from Trouser Press:

Led by singer/songwriter Peter Perrett, England's Only Ones combined the energy of the punk movement and a more traditional sense of rock craft, with Perrett singing his goodnatured tortured-romantic lyrics in a distinctive (and not unpleasant) whine. The quartet's mix of youthful spunk and seasoned experience (drummer Mike Kellie was a member of Spooky Tooth and bassist Alan Mair's résumé stretched back to the early '60s) helped gain the Only Ones quick prominence, but only one song — the much-covered "Another Girl, Another Planet" — earned the highly touted group any lasting acclaim.

The Only Ones (which includes that stupendous number) is the best of the three original albums. Perrett's languid vocals and songs provide the character and focus, while the band's skills carry it off handsomely. Even Serpents Shine varies little from its predecessor and contains some captivating material, but lacks anything as great as "Another Girl, Another Planet." Special View picks tracks off both albums and adds the two sides of the band's self-released 1977 debut single for an introductory lesson in the Only Ones' early oeuvre.

Although finally realizing simultaneous release in the US and the UK with the Colin Thurston-produced Baby's Got a Gun, the Only Ones' commercial success was still too slight to sustain them, and they called it quits in 1981. The group's cult status has grown steadily ever since, as evidenced (or at least encouraged) by a stream of posthumous releases. Remains and Alone in the Night are decent collections of non-album material. The songs on Live predate the CBS albums; it shows the band to have been firmly in musical control even at that early juncture. The Peel Sessions Album compiles sixteen BBC recordings from 1977 to '80, and is actually a stronger representation of the Only Ones' gifts than any of the band's studio albums.

The England's Glory disc offers ten 1973 demos by Perrett's pre-Only Ones combo (including future Squeeze bassist Harry Kakoulli) and demonstrates nascent talent as well as an overriding Lou Reed fixation. Two of the songs, "City of Fun" and "Peter and the Pets," later showed up on the Only Ones' first LP.

[Ira Robbins / Scott Schinder]

The Only Ones - Special View

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Salvation Army

This is not an actual post, I stole this one from Tune Lovin' Jackets blog. Well, I read about the band Salvation Army but never had a chance to actually hear them. And then I stumbled upon this blog that posted Befour Three O'Clock (aka Salvation Army). And I was totally blown away. Their music is not hardcore (which what I usually post along with crust) but punk with psychedelic undertones. Their music, in my opinion, is a cross between the Ramones, the Hard-Ons and a little bit of early Manic Street Preachers'(!). I've downloaded it last Wednesday, I haven't listened to anything else ever since!

This is a departure from my usual playlist of hardcore and crust. I was listening (and abusing) my Hellkrusher collection prior to this, but I guess I needed a change of pace.

If you like paisley underground, post punk, power pop, indie pop and so on, visit Tune Lovin' Jacket, you're not gonna be disappointed.
Download this now and add a comment on what you think about the band. Btw, the information about the band and record is also posted here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Sorry about my slow posting, I’m kind of busy and all, but here’s a post that should make up for my being slow. Here’s one of the pioneers of Crust…ANTISECT!!!
I copy/pasted the band’s history from one of the sites dedicated to Antisect. For more info about the band click here.

Antisect were formed in 1982 in Daventry, Northants, UK.
The founder members were:

Pete (Lippy) Lyons - Guitar/Vox
Pete (Polly) - Drums
Renis (Wink) Rekiki - Bass
Pete (Little Pete) Boyce - Vox.

The line up changed slighty over the years, to include:
Lawrence - Let me know?????
Rich Hill- Vox (Boyce was also on Vox)
Caroline Wallis- backing Vox
Tom Lowe (ex - Varukers) - Bass

and finally John Bryson - Bass/Vox.

The Album "In darkness....there is no choice" was recorded at Southern and released 1983. Produced by Colin "Coal Bunker" (Flux of Pink Indians), and it reached No. 4 in the indie charts. This was followed by the single " Out from the void".

Later material which was never released as a studio album include Behind the lines, New dark ages, Bedlam and Into the flames. These are available only in live format.
The album was recorded but not finished and unfortunately never released. Sad because some of the later stuff was very powerful.

Other releases include the live LP "Peace is better than a place in history".

There were a number of live bootlegs that were around thru' most of the 80's, most notably " Live at Fulham Greyhound 22/01/83".
Also a live LP " Hallo there.... hows life?" recorded somewhere in '84 and released around 1991.
There are still a number of web sites that offer old live stuff and even the two early demos that we recorded.
If any one would like to offer me these demo's then fuckin fair play! I could buy em, but, well, erm.

The band toured continously throughout the UK & Europe (the very first gig being support to the Varukers at a club in Preston circa 1982ish. Our van crashed and tipped on its side on the way home and we all ended up with guitars and amps on top of us. Another early gig was at the Palm Cove club, Bradford),and performed with Flux of Pink Indians, Crucifix, Discharge, Amebix, Chumbawumba - to name a few.

"And all around was darkness, like a wall"

Antisect - Peace is Better Than a Place in History

I wasn't able to upload the covers, something's happening whenever I try to upload the images but the site I was talking about has the front covers.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Round of Request... and a Personal Favorite

This is a two pronged post. First is a request from Wedge, Betrayed's first release.

This is a cassette rip, and my copy is kind of old, but over all, its a good copy. And I know, I promised you the Dead Ends and GI & the Idiots, but unfortunately I don't have it with me right now. But I did one better by posting IOV's Another Destructive Century!!!

I've already posted IOV's release over at Slobo's Only In It For The Music, but just in case you haven't downloaded it yet...

I'll post the Dead Ends and GI's as soon as I get them.

The second phase is my favorite band - DOOM!

Their split with Extinction of Mankind and with Cress.

I don't know if this was already posted somewhere, but if it was, I wasn't aware of it. And most of all... who gives a shit! This is DOOM man!


Betrayed's First Release

IOV - Another Destructive Century

Tracklist: (I wasn't able to tag them)

1. Lebanese Child

2. Vagrancy

3. IOV

4. Gorvachev Attack

5. My Song

6. Guilt

7. Snap Election

8. Yankees

9. Stinking Bad Attitude

10. Another Destructive Century

11. Demoralized Ideas

12. You

13. Social Cancer

14. Doing Good Things

15. Stop Being An Ass

16. Total Annihilation

17. Statements

Doom/Exticntion of Mankind Split - Doomed to Extinction

Doom / Cress Split