Monday, November 5, 2007

Another Round of Request... and a Personal Favorite

This is a two pronged post. First is a request from Wedge, Betrayed's first release.

This is a cassette rip, and my copy is kind of old, but over all, its a good copy. And I know, I promised you the Dead Ends and GI & the Idiots, but unfortunately I don't have it with me right now. But I did one better by posting IOV's Another Destructive Century!!!

I've already posted IOV's release over at Slobo's Only In It For The Music, but just in case you haven't downloaded it yet...

I'll post the Dead Ends and GI's as soon as I get them.

The second phase is my favorite band - DOOM!

Their split with Extinction of Mankind and with Cress.

I don't know if this was already posted somewhere, but if it was, I wasn't aware of it. And most of all... who gives a shit! This is DOOM man!


Betrayed's First Release

IOV - Another Destructive Century

Tracklist: (I wasn't able to tag them)

1. Lebanese Child

2. Vagrancy

3. IOV

4. Gorvachev Attack

5. My Song

6. Guilt

7. Snap Election

8. Yankees

9. Stinking Bad Attitude

10. Another Destructive Century

11. Demoralized Ideas

12. You

13. Social Cancer

14. Doing Good Things

15. Stop Being An Ass

16. Total Annihilation

17. Statements

Doom/Exticntion of Mankind Split - Doomed to Extinction

Doom / Cress Split


dave said...

Betrayed has been one of the essential punk bands in the Philippines. Just recently they decided to go on hiatus, sadly. They were about to release a new album early this year but due to some reasons, it never materialized. It's a shame because I already heard some of their new material in gigs and honestly they rock, man. Their drummer is a good friend of mine and he gave me a copy of their single (FLUFFER) on cd-r.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Thanks for the info man. How I wish they get back together and finally release their new materials.

I guess I have to keep my fingers crossed!

wedge said...

i cant express my thanks enough. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

i went to slobodans blog, but the Dead Ends link was gone & somehow missed the IOV there. anyways,again...THANK YOU!!!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

No problem bro

nx said...

oi punk rock daddy,

thanks for sharing all this great stuff. could you please re-upload the "Betrayed" album (their first release)? the file's no longer on ...

and would you have a copy of binky lampano's (vocalist for dean's december) first solo album "I Read the News"? i know it's not really a punk album, but just in case ...

again, thanks a lot!