Saturday, November 17, 2007

Salvation Army

This is not an actual post, I stole this one from Tune Lovin' Jackets blog. Well, I read about the band Salvation Army but never had a chance to actually hear them. And then I stumbled upon this blog that posted Befour Three O'Clock (aka Salvation Army). And I was totally blown away. Their music is not hardcore (which what I usually post along with crust) but punk with psychedelic undertones. Their music, in my opinion, is a cross between the Ramones, the Hard-Ons and a little bit of early Manic Street Preachers'(!). I've downloaded it last Wednesday, I haven't listened to anything else ever since!

This is a departure from my usual playlist of hardcore and crust. I was listening (and abusing) my Hellkrusher collection prior to this, but I guess I needed a change of pace.

If you like paisley underground, post punk, power pop, indie pop and so on, visit Tune Lovin' Jacket, you're not gonna be disappointed.
Download this now and add a comment on what you think about the band. Btw, the information about the band and record is also posted here.

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Rinjo Njori said...

This is a great collection of the Salvation Army stuff. Too bad the real Army got to them, better name than The Three O'Clock. Great site.. just found it via Bleedin Out.
I don't know if you ever ran into my blogs, but feel free to check them out.