Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

I'm so sorry that I missed to greet you all a Merry Christmas. I was so busy doing something close to nothing that I totally forgot about about. My apologies. Anyways, I'm going to make up right now with an early New Year greeting - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU FRIENDS!!!

I also have a gift to all you Beatle maniacs and Stones fans out there. I stumbled upon these two compilations - Patti Smith Covers the Stones and and Oasis compilation of Beatles covers. I don't know if these are bootlegs or just compiled by the bloggers themselves.

I'm not very fond of Oasis, they got some good songs though but I'm not a fan nor I'm a fan of the Beatles but I figured a of guys like them, especially the Beatles. So if you like the Beatles or Oasis, then this post is for you. But I can't say the same thing with Patti Smith and the Stones. I love 'em both! (Who doesn't?)

I'm trying my best to find the blogs where I got these to get more info on these comps but to no avail. So there it is, Patti Smith and Oasis doing the Stones and the Beatles repestively. Enjoy!

Patti Smith - Covers the Rolling Stones

Oasis - Covers the Beatles

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bob Mould - Body of Song

I case you haven’t noticed it yet, I’m a huge fan of Bob Mould. From his days with Husker Du, with Sugar to his solo efforts, he’s just an awesome songwriter. Some would expect that at this point in his illustrious career he would be churning out mediocre works, but no, he’s just not over yet. In fact he’s just picking up steam, a second wind if you will. His 2005 release Body of Song totally blew me away upon hearing it. Great lyrics, even better melodies. It’s hard to pick out a favorite but I’ll try…

Songs like I am Sound, I am Vision, Best Thing, Missing You plus the mid-tempo numbers such as High Fidelity, Gauze of Friendship made this album a great listen. His lyrics really paints a great picture and never pretentious. He always says what he means, and means what he says. He’s never vague, the way songwriters ought to be.

The other post is the audio rip of the Circle of Friends DVD. This was recorded live at the 9:30 Club during his touring supporting the release of Body of Song. I actually have the DVD, so if like me to upload it just let me know. If there are enough requests I’ll upload it.


My friend, the Terrorizer, uploaded this record plus the Audio-rip of the Circle of Friends DVD. He said that he found these in the torrent and gonna upload them on his Multiply site. So instead of uploading my copy, I just asked him if I could post these here and he obliged. Great guy indeed! Thanks bro and more power.


Download Here

Bob Mould - Circle of Firend (Audio Rip)

Download Here

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sonic Youth - Hits Are For Squares

Sonic Youth, in my opinion, is the epitome of the so-called alternative rock. I’m not very fond of the term alternative rock since it’s very general, ambiguous at best. Because it can mean a lot of things - noise, grunge, shoegaze, indiepop, etc. Even powerpop bands are sometimes called alternative. But since the term’s already been accepted in most circles, I’ll be using it for familiarity’s sake and not be an ass about it.

Going back to Sonic Youth, they are primarily an art-noise band trained in the Glenn Branca’s school noise rock. They were even lumped with the No Wave movement together with the Contortions and Swans among many others. Their feedback-laden music became the cornerstone for a lot of alternative bands in the 90’s. Over the years, their music became more and more radio friendly without losing their college-radio credibility.

The first post is the album compilation called Screaming Fields of Sonic Love. After signing to DGC and releasing Goo and Dirty, Sonic Youth released this compilation from their years with SST and Enigma records. This is somewhat of an introduction of what Sonic Youth was all about. They picked up highlights from each album and crammed them into this one neat compilation. The album served its purpose well, although the edited versions of Teenage Riot and Candle were kind of a bummer if you ask me.

The second post was Hits Are For Squares. This is a controversial compilation since it was released/available in Starbucks stores. But the idea for this comp is truly amazing – celebrities and fellow musicians pick out their favorite Sonic Youth songs and compiled them into this rather unique comp.



"Bull in the Heather," selected by Catherine Keener
"Sugar Kane," selected by Beck
"100%," selected by Mike D
"Kool Thing," selected by Radiohead
"Disappearer," selected by Portia De Rossi
"Superstar," selected by Diablo Cody
"Stones," selected by Allison Anders
"Tuff Gnarl," selected by Dave Eggers and Mike Watt
"Teenage Riot," selected by Eddie Vedder
"Shadow of a Doubt," selected by Michelle Williams
"Rain on Tin," selected by Flea
"Tom Violence," selected by Gus Van Zant
"Mary-Christ," selected by David Cross
"World Looks Red," selected by Chloe Sevigny
"Expressway to Yr Skull," selected by Flaming Lips

Download Here