Monday, July 30, 2007

Noise Noise Noise (In Memory of Mieszko Talarczyk)

Since my last post dealt with death, here’s a sort of a tribute to Mieszko A. Talarczyk. The singer/guitarist for Nasum died in the tsunami in Thailand last December 26, 2004. Anyways, here are some of their split albums.

Nasum/Abstain Split

Nasum/Skitsystem Split

Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Memory of Stiv Bators

This is just a quick post. I was reading about Stiv Bators the other night and I learned that his 17th death anniversary was last month (June 2). So, I gotta pay tribute to this guy.

Sitv Bators first gained notoriety with the Dead Boys, teamed-up with Dave Tregunna of Sham 69 to form The Wanderers, then with Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Thunders for the Whores of Babylon, and finally with Brian James (the Damned) for the Lords of the New Church. He also had a brief solo career before his untimely demise in 1990.

Here’s the Dead Boys’ compilation All This and More, which combined the gigs at CBGB's (8/22/77 and 3/11/78) with a San Francisco gig (11/1/77). Also included here are the three Lords of the New Church albums.

And these posts come from our good friend Gilberto von Mamerto. Thanks a lot Dude!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Luguria DIY

There’s a new blogspot in town, its called Luguria DIY. This one’s from Chile and he’s kind enough to share Attitude Adjustment’s Amarecian Paranoia. Thanks brother and more power!

Monday, July 23, 2007


It’s request time. Putanginas requested for Betrayed’s First album and I promised him that I would also post Betrayed’s Again and other Twisted Red Cross releases. Twisted Red Cross was a Filipino label who was respinsible for all the Pinoi Punk releases in the Philippines during the 80's. Rescue Ladders... was an early compilation. The bands featured here plays '77 punk style except Betrayed plus a rockabilly band called Private Stock. While the 3rd Bombardment compilation consists mainly of hardcore bands including my personal favorites IOV and Betrayed.

While Himigngkadiliman requested for some Jawbreaker. This is just what I could scrounge from my friends – Jawbreaker’s Dear You and Etc.

I added a wishlist column so keep the requests coming. I’ll be including your requests in the wishlist. And hope that someone who has the album would upload them.


Betrayed - Again

Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade

3rd Bombardment

Jawbreaker - Dear You

Jawbreaker - Etc.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Top 5 Hardcore Albums

I like lists. They’re fun, easy to read and good for inciting riots. That being said, here’s my list of 5 Greatest Hardcore Albums of All Time in no particular order. My criterion is to pick out the 5 hardcore albums I worn out in years. Simple, but makes a lot of sense. Case in point, Black Flag's Damaged, I love that album, or other classics such as DK's Fresh Fruit, TSOL's Dance With Me, Exploited's Troops of Tomorrow or The Massacre, but these albums don't have the effect Group Sex or Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing have on me, meaning, I want to listen to these records over and over and over...

My first copy of Circle Jerks’ Group Sex was a cassette I recorded from a friend who has the vinyl. That was in the early 80’s. I have to make a total of 4 copies of it because I fucking worn out the previous 3 tapes. It was until the mid-80’s that the 2-in-1 CD of Group Sex and Wild in the Streets became available here and that's when I retire my cassette copies.

Next up is Cro-Mags’s Age of Quarrel. My friend brought back from New York some vinyl like Age of Quarrel, 3 Misfits albums (Earth AD, Live Evil and Walk Among Us), and some thrash records from Anthrax and Overkill. He gave me the punk ones and kept the thrash metals (this was 1986). I quickly played them when I got home. The last record I played was Age of Quarrel, since I played Walk Among Us twice or thrice, and needless to say I was blown away! This record rendered some of my NYHC records useless for a long time. It was years and years later that I revisited my Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front and Youth of Today. This record is totally awesome.

I got turned on with the Misfits long after they disbanded. Walk Among Us took me completely surprised. I never thought hardcore can be this melodic without any hint of a sell out. And its ghoulish feel added an extra danger to an already dangerous genre. (Where did that shit come from!) Though, I have to admit that some of the lyrics really made me laugh more than anything else, especially Brain Eaters. Anyways, Walk Among US is the epitome of an “All Killer, No Filler” album. I’m listening to it right now while I’m writing this post.

This record is in very punks’ list, Bad Brains’ ROIR release. I was in my second year high school when my classmate introduced me to hardcore. I was already listening to the Clash, Pistols, Buzzcocks and SLF and already heard some hardcore songs like Kill the Poor TV Party so the transition was not that hard. He made a mixed tape of Fear, Black Flag, DK, Exploited, GBH, Wasted Youth, MDC, Suicidal Tendencies, DOA, Minor Threat and the Bad Brains. There are 2-3 songs per band and it’s a very good selection. I Love Living in the City, Catch 23, Business on Parade, Kill the Poor, You’re a Jerk, Institutionalized all classics. But one band stood out from the rest – Bad Brains. And the songs included in the mixed tape was Pay To Cum and Sailin’ On. I quickly put the tape in my Walkman which has an external speaker so we can listen to them without earphones. And when Pay To Cum blasted its way, I literally jumped up me seat and asked what band was that. And when he said Bad Brains, I told him that that’s the illest thing I’ve heard. It sounds really cheesy and all but that’s what I felt, like being hit with a baseball bat. I asked him if he has the complete album which unfortunately he doesn’t. All he has was the two songs he got from another friend’s mixed tape. Not until my first year in college that I got a hold of that album. ROIR’s releases are all in cassette format but I got a vinyl entitled “Attitudes: the ROIR Sessions” which has all the songs in the ROIR release. And when Tower Records opened here, I finally got the chance to buy ROIR CD, the yellow one, with lightning hitting the capitol, complete with liner notes from Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo. I was so stoked that it all I listened to for weeks.

This list is in no particular order and this last album, like the previous one is on everyone’s list. This is the genre-defining record - Discharge’s “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing.” This album is different from the rest of the album in the list since it has this distinct metallic feel to it. Of course, GBH also has that feel, but their guitars were not as distorted as Discharge’s. Even Discharge’s early outings were also not as distorted as the ones in the Hear Nothing record. You can actually tell if a Discharge song was pre or post Hear Nothing.

Honorable mentions go to Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown, TSOL’s 1st EP, GBH’s City Baby’s Attacked by Rats, Subhumans’ The Day the Country Died, Descendents’ Milo Goes to College, Poison Idea’s Feel the Darkness, Suicidal Tendencies’ 1st Album, Vandal’s Peace Thru Vandalism, DRI’s Dirty Rotten Record and Rudimentary Peni’s Death Church.

Do you have your own list? Violent reactions? Post it in the comments.

Let the riots begin!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Live! Live! Live!

Another day, another post. As always, I make it a point to have a “theme” for my post, being OC and all. lol. This time around, it’s live albums. Live albums capture the essence of the band and what they’re made of. Well, that’s how I see it and that’s why I love listening to live recordings.

First up is Husker Du’s Land Speed Record. Lots of people hate this album for reasons such as – “there are no breaks between songs” or “they played the songs very fast”. They maybe right, but in my opinion they kind of missed the point, which is the title of the album – LAND SPEED RECORD. No breaks between songs, they songs are played in double time – WHO CARES, it’s LAND SPEED RECORD for crying out loud, it’s supposedly fast…very fast! Whoa! Gotta take my medication. lol

Ok I’m cool now. Anyways, aside from Husker Du’s, I also posted classic live records from DK, Bad Brains, SLF, the Damned, Poison Idea and of course - the Ramones.

By the way, here’s the Betrayed (TRC Cassette) as requested by putanginas. I’ll upload the major label release of Betrayed – Again and other TRC releases in the coming days.

Dead Kennedys - Mutiny on the Bay

Poison Idea - Pig's Last Stand

The Damned - Final Damnation

Exploited - Live on Stage/Live at the Whitehouse


Monday, July 16, 2007

Doom 3

Good day to all, I just finished playing Doom 3. It’s a relatively old game but it’s still one of the best ever. Actually, I started playing it like two months ago, but I only play for like an hour a day because I have to take care of my kid except during weekends.

All I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed, I’m a fan of the old Doom games and the improvements done in Doom 3 is amazing. At first, I was kind of hesitant to buy this game when it came out because I might just be disappointed with the game play but I was so wrong. The story line is way much better than the old incarnations. This is a must have for gamers. And the thing is, the expansion set has a different feel than the original set. It has more surprises that will certainly keep you on your toes.

You’ve guessed it right, my post is a band that needs no introductions. DOOM. The band has got nothing to do with the game but it’s a nice segue. Lol. Here’s the two Doom records I’ve been listening to lately, Rush Hour of the Gods and The Greatest Invention. Doom, ENT, Discharge, Amebix, Accused, Vitamin X and Verbal Assault records are my daily companions on my way home. The traffic here is terrible, and day–in and day-out, it tests my patience. That’s why almost everybody here has an Ipod or an MP3 player just to keep their sanity.

But here’s the thing, I acquired the Rush Hour of the Gods via P2P and it has no track number, but it has the song titles. I’ve been looking all over for the tracklisting to no avail. Nonetheless, I will still share these two records to y’all. Anyways, if you have it, drop by the comments area.

Doom – The Greatest Invention

Doom - Rush Hour of the Gods

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Foot Rock

Big Foot Rock was what they used to call the Seattle scene before the term grunge was coined. The roots of their music is definitely punk, especially the bands Green River, Mudhoney and Nirvana. Green River was some sort of a “supergroup” in reverse because of the bands it spawned – Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone (and eventually Pearl Jam).

All the bands grudge bands, it’s the Screaming Trees that I like the most. Their music is remotely related to punk, and actually more akin to 60’s psychedelia. But I guess it doesn’t matter when you talk about good music.

Green River – Rehab Doll/Dry as Bone

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

When they were Punk

Good day to all! I’m being teased by my friend K.T. that I’m OC, because she saw my MP3’s in the office. I’m an avid Musicmatch user since I can organize my music better than the other players. Well I guess she’s right I’m OC. I always try to make a sort of a theme whenever I make my post.
True to my words, I’m now posting the three great bands from the Twin Cities, Husker Du, Replacements and Soul Asylum. Husker Du and the Replacements started out as punk bands before they moved on to “greener pastures” of indie. I can’t tell the same thing with Soul Asylum, but surely played faster than your average band. Of course, that’s when they were still in Twin Tone.

Husker Du - Everything Falls Apart and More

Husker Du - Flip Your Wig

Husker Du - New Day Rising

The Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash

The Replacements - Stink

The Replacements - Live

Soul Asylum - Closer to the Stars (Twin Tone Years)

By the way, I'd like to congratulate my friend Slobodan Burgher (you know why!) and G.C. for their wonderful wedding last Saturday.