Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Live! Live! Live!

Another day, another post. As always, I make it a point to have a “theme” for my post, being OC and all. lol. This time around, it’s live albums. Live albums capture the essence of the band and what they’re made of. Well, that’s how I see it and that’s why I love listening to live recordings.

First up is Husker Du’s Land Speed Record. Lots of people hate this album for reasons such as – “there are no breaks between songs” or “they played the songs very fast”. They maybe right, but in my opinion they kind of missed the point, which is the title of the album – LAND SPEED RECORD. No breaks between songs, they songs are played in double time – WHO CARES, it’s LAND SPEED RECORD for crying out loud, it’s supposedly fast…very fast! Whoa! Gotta take my medication. lol

Ok I’m cool now. Anyways, aside from Husker Du’s, I also posted classic live records from DK, Bad Brains, SLF, the Damned, Poison Idea and of course - the Ramones.

By the way, here’s the Betrayed (TRC Cassette) as requested by putanginas. I’ll upload the major label release of Betrayed – Again and other TRC releases in the coming days.

Dead Kennedys - Mutiny on the Bay

Poison Idea - Pig's Last Stand

The Damned - Final Damnation

Exploited - Live on Stage/Live at the Whitehouse



Slobodan Burgher said...

some gems there for sure, will grab a few in the morning when i come home from work...OC? Me no get it...lol

Punk Rock Daddy said...

My friend called me "obessive compulsive" since I always organize my music well, complete with genre and stuff. Maybe she's right, but just OC with my music, and that's it

Punk Rock Daddy said...

By the way, the Land Speed Record is an vinyl rip and I didn't bother to separate the songs for I think it's gonna defeat the purpose of the title. Enjoy!

Putanginas said...

Thanks for sharing the album by BETRAYED. I had been looking for this album for years. At least now I have it. Better late than never. PUNK ROCK DADDY YOU RULE!!!!!!

overdrive666 said...

land speed record is a a classic (at least for me) - this was the the that introduced me to Hüsker Dü - and I still think it's one of their best one's

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Putanginas-leave your email or any contact number bro. I'll email/contact you. There's a band called putanginas, are you connected to the band? i'll be posting more TRC stuff, just watch out.

Putanginas said...

Punk Rock Daddy I'm not connected to the band Putanginas. My email is maningstone@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

thx for yr generosity, substantial posts,

the poison idea url appears to be incomplete



wedge said...

argh!!! i hate to be a pain in the ass, but this Betrayed file is deleted...ah well...