Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Luguria DIY

There’s a new blogspot in town, its called Luguria DIY. This one’s from Chile and he’s kind enough to share Attitude Adjustment’s Amarecian Paranoia. Thanks brother and more power!


Gilberto von Mamerto said...

Thanks for your support. If you find some musical material interesting for you, you can use it.


Hermanos de la Mente Furiosa (Furious Minds Brothers)
(v-a. 1997):

Disturbio Menor (Minor Disturbance, Chile)
Brigada Flores Magón (B.B.F. French band)

BBS Paranoicos (Paranoid Babys, Chile)

El Cuervo (The Band of The Dead Crow, Argentina)

Enfermos Terminales ("Terminally Ill Patients", Chile,Good Band!!!)


Punk et Circo (compilation v/a)

No Mercy lp(Mike Muir frontman of Suicidal')+ PTL Club ep.



SNFU + Life Sentence


Punk Rock Daddy said...

Thanks a lot for the links. I'm very much interested with all your posts. I will post these links immediately.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for some airborne andy !

Anonymous said...

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