Monday, July 16, 2007

Doom 3

Good day to all, I just finished playing Doom 3. It’s a relatively old game but it’s still one of the best ever. Actually, I started playing it like two months ago, but I only play for like an hour a day because I have to take care of my kid except during weekends.

All I can say is that I wasn’t disappointed, I’m a fan of the old Doom games and the improvements done in Doom 3 is amazing. At first, I was kind of hesitant to buy this game when it came out because I might just be disappointed with the game play but I was so wrong. The story line is way much better than the old incarnations. This is a must have for gamers. And the thing is, the expansion set has a different feel than the original set. It has more surprises that will certainly keep you on your toes.

You’ve guessed it right, my post is a band that needs no introductions. DOOM. The band has got nothing to do with the game but it’s a nice segue. Lol. Here’s the two Doom records I’ve been listening to lately, Rush Hour of the Gods and The Greatest Invention. Doom, ENT, Discharge, Amebix, Accused, Vitamin X and Verbal Assault records are my daily companions on my way home. The traffic here is terrible, and day–in and day-out, it tests my patience. That’s why almost everybody here has an Ipod or an MP3 player just to keep their sanity.

But here’s the thing, I acquired the Rush Hour of the Gods via P2P and it has no track number, but it has the song titles. I’ve been looking all over for the tracklisting to no avail. Nonetheless, I will still share these two records to y’all. Anyways, if you have it, drop by the comments area.

Doom – The Greatest Invention

Doom - Rush Hour of the Gods


Slobodan Burgher said...

I am more into Super Mario Bros, played whilst listening to Misfits!!! But it's been a few years (read: 15+ years) since. That said, been playing Red Alert a few times over the years but truth be told Vice City / GFA for PS2 is really fucking addictive shit right there. Always play it at a friend's...shoot people, smash cars, drive like a maniac etc. I love it! Lol...

himigNGkadiliman said...

Playing Doom3 while listening to DOOM! lol really gives you the extreme rush of the game and the band!.Lights out all alone! HARdCore!!..

Putanginas said...

Sorry if I post a request not related to this topic. I found out that you're from the Phillipines. I'm also from the Philippines. My location is Quezon City. I just want to ask where I can download the albums of the Filipino punk band BETRAYED? slobodan burgher said you were the one who sent him where to download the albums of BETRAYED. I hope you can grant my request. Thanks

Punk Rock Daddy said...

I'll repost the 2 Betrayed albums and other TRC stuff in the coming weeks.

Chris said...

Here's The Rush Hour Of The Gods tracklist if you didn't get it yet:

1.Feel Good Factor
2.Death Lock
3.Love Song
5.Keep It Angry
6.National Lobotomy
8.Rush Hour Of The Gods
9.Amphetamine Tortoise
10.Joke's On You
11.P V S

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Chris Thanks a lot!!!
I appreciate it.

Putanginas said...
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