Saturday, July 26, 2008

Down By Law - Punkrockdays

I've been very busy lately and out-of-town most of the time that's hence the erratic posting. Anyways, I'm trying to compensate the irregularity the best that I can.

For my last post for this month I give you Down By Laws compilation Punkrockdays. I love DBL! My first introduction to DBL was Punkrockacademyfightsong which is a totally awesome record! A must have for punk rockers everywhere. In Punkrockdays, the band collected their singles and (non) hits. Until next time, enjoy!

Down By Law - Punkrockdays

Propain - Road Rage & Round 6

Here's a double post of pure hardcore - Propain's Road Rage and Round 6.

Laziness is setting in again, so here's Allmusic's review of Road Rage

"One of the most intense hardcore-metal bands of the '90s was undoubtedly Pro-Pain -- a group that has ignited many a brutal mosh pit during its tenure. As a result, a live album seemed to be a fine fit. However, the group did not get around to issuing a live set until nearly a decade after its debut release (1992's metal cult classic Foul Taste of Freedom). But when 2001's Road Rage arrived, boy, did it ever pack a Mr. T-esque wallop. The 17-track album includes highlights from throughout Pro-Pain's career, including such scream-til-the-veins-on-your-neck-explode anthems as "Foul Taste of Freedom," "Iraqnophobia," "Stand Tall," and a song that Celine Dion should really consider covering someday, "The Stench of Piss." It may have taken a long time to rear its head, but Road Rage lives up to the explosive live shows Pro-Pain have put on for years."

And Round 6 review

"In the alternative metal and hardcore fields, bands come and go. Keeping a band together can be an uphill climb -- the music industry isn't for the faint of heart -- and it isn't uncommon for alt metal and hardcore combos to break up after only one or two albums. But Pro-Pain has been impressively durable. 2004 marked the band's 12th anniversary, and Pro-Pain celebrates that anniversary with the uncompromising Fistful of Hate. Anyone who expects the New Yorkers to soften their blows will be disappointed; with Fistful of Hate, they offer another dose of harsh, angry, pummeling alt metal/hardcore venom. This 2004 release doesn't point Pro-Pain in any new directions, and the disc is unlikely to win over anyone who isn't already a fan of their hammer-to-the-skull approach. But in terms of being focused and inspired, Fistful of Hate is a winner -- and it certainly won't make diehard followers think any less of them. So why does Pro-Pain's small but enthusiastic cult following continue to hold them in such high regard? The bottom line is that Pro-Pain is superior to a lot of the competition. There is no shortage of headbangers putting out this type of mosh music in the 21st century, but Fistful of Hate underscores the fact that Pro-Pain's seemingly tireless members are doing it with much more feeling and conviction -- their hooks are sharper, their writing is crisper, their lyrics are more memorable. That said, Fistful of Hate falls short of essential; for someone who already has several Pro-Pain CD's in his/her collection, owning this one isn't absolutely necessary. But again, Pro-Pain's admirers are an enthusiastic bunch, and they will find that Fistful of Hate -- although not quite essential -- is certainly a solid and heartfelt addition to their catalog."


Pro-Pain - Road Rage

Pro-Pain - Round 6

The Godfathers - Shoot to Kill

I don't have any information about this live record, but it's a good one nonetheless. Enjoy!

The Godfathers - Shoot to Kill (live)

Sepultura - Beneath the Remains

If you don't know this record, you can go back to your cave where you've been living in for the past twenty years.

Sepultura - Beneath the Remains

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange

Jon Spencer's former bands Pussy Galore and Bosshog explored the dirty side of rock n' roll, raw and unadulterated. With his new project, the Blues Explosion, he ventured to a more structured songwriting. Though it's nowhere near a blues band as the name tries to imply but it's more akin with classic rock.

Orange reminded me of Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced? (oh I'm going to be hanged by Hendrix freaks on this one!), but with lesser guitar vituosity! Keith Morris even called them The Jon Spencer Experience in the Circle Jerks' album Oddities...

Give this shit a try because in my opinion this is their best work.

Shout out to Nonoy on this one!

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange

Buzzcocks - Time's Up

Let's change it up with a solid punk record, Buzzcocks' Time's Up. Time's Up is a compilation of Buzzcocks songs when Howard Devoto was still with the group.

Here's what Allmusic has to say about this record:

"A fascinating semi-legitimate release of all the studio work the Howard Devoto-fronted band recorded in Manchester in October 1976. This is an expensive disc that only clocks in at 24 minutes, but it's 24 pretty great minutes. Some of the material (e.g., the cover of Captain Beefheart's "I Love You, You Big Dummy") Devoto took with him to Magazine, but the rest of the material is prime Buzzcocks: "Orgasm Addict," "Breakdown," and "Boredom" to name but a few. With Devoto singing lead, the band sound a bit more Sex Pistols-ish (something that would change when Shelley took over singing lead), and, therefore, a tad more ominous."

Buzzcocks - Time's Up

Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids

What can I say about Hellhammer? Well, it's Tom G. Warrior's pre-Celtic Frost band. The sound is raw NWOBHM. This is a good glimpse of Tom's early influences. Love this record!

Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids

Terrorizer - Draker Days Ahead

Here's the 2006 release from the grindcore pioneers Terrorizer. Their first album (World Downfall) was an awesome record that everybody must have. After the release of the debut album, they went their separate ways, Jesse Pintado played with Napalm Death while the others like Pete Sandoval formed Morbid Angel.

2006 saw the return of Terrorizer but only Jesse and Pete were the original members and they were joined by Tony Norman of Norman of Morbid Angel on bass and Anthony Rezhawk (Resistant Culture) on vocals. Their music is more death metal than grind.

I'm really a fan of death metal but I still give this a listen from time to time since its Terrorizer!

Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead