Saturday, July 26, 2008

Buzzcocks - Time's Up

Let's change it up with a solid punk record, Buzzcocks' Time's Up. Time's Up is a compilation of Buzzcocks songs when Howard Devoto was still with the group.

Here's what Allmusic has to say about this record:

"A fascinating semi-legitimate release of all the studio work the Howard Devoto-fronted band recorded in Manchester in October 1976. This is an expensive disc that only clocks in at 24 minutes, but it's 24 pretty great minutes. Some of the material (e.g., the cover of Captain Beefheart's "I Love You, You Big Dummy") Devoto took with him to Magazine, but the rest of the material is prime Buzzcocks: "Orgasm Addict," "Breakdown," and "Boredom" to name but a few. With Devoto singing lead, the band sound a bit more Sex Pistols-ish (something that would change when Shelley took over singing lead), and, therefore, a tad more ominous."

Buzzcocks - Time's Up

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