Saturday, July 26, 2008

Propain - Road Rage & Round 6

Here's a double post of pure hardcore - Propain's Road Rage and Round 6.

Laziness is setting in again, so here's Allmusic's review of Road Rage

"One of the most intense hardcore-metal bands of the '90s was undoubtedly Pro-Pain -- a group that has ignited many a brutal mosh pit during its tenure. As a result, a live album seemed to be a fine fit. However, the group did not get around to issuing a live set until nearly a decade after its debut release (1992's metal cult classic Foul Taste of Freedom). But when 2001's Road Rage arrived, boy, did it ever pack a Mr. T-esque wallop. The 17-track album includes highlights from throughout Pro-Pain's career, including such scream-til-the-veins-on-your-neck-explode anthems as "Foul Taste of Freedom," "Iraqnophobia," "Stand Tall," and a song that Celine Dion should really consider covering someday, "The Stench of Piss." It may have taken a long time to rear its head, but Road Rage lives up to the explosive live shows Pro-Pain have put on for years."

And Round 6 review

"In the alternative metal and hardcore fields, bands come and go. Keeping a band together can be an uphill climb -- the music industry isn't for the faint of heart -- and it isn't uncommon for alt metal and hardcore combos to break up after only one or two albums. But Pro-Pain has been impressively durable. 2004 marked the band's 12th anniversary, and Pro-Pain celebrates that anniversary with the uncompromising Fistful of Hate. Anyone who expects the New Yorkers to soften their blows will be disappointed; with Fistful of Hate, they offer another dose of harsh, angry, pummeling alt metal/hardcore venom. This 2004 release doesn't point Pro-Pain in any new directions, and the disc is unlikely to win over anyone who isn't already a fan of their hammer-to-the-skull approach. But in terms of being focused and inspired, Fistful of Hate is a winner -- and it certainly won't make diehard followers think any less of them. So why does Pro-Pain's small but enthusiastic cult following continue to hold them in such high regard? The bottom line is that Pro-Pain is superior to a lot of the competition. There is no shortage of headbangers putting out this type of mosh music in the 21st century, but Fistful of Hate underscores the fact that Pro-Pain's seemingly tireless members are doing it with much more feeling and conviction -- their hooks are sharper, their writing is crisper, their lyrics are more memorable. That said, Fistful of Hate falls short of essential; for someone who already has several Pro-Pain CD's in his/her collection, owning this one isn't absolutely necessary. But again, Pro-Pain's admirers are an enthusiastic bunch, and they will find that Fistful of Hate -- although not quite essential -- is certainly a solid and heartfelt addition to their catalog."


Pro-Pain - Road Rage

Pro-Pain - Round 6

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