Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Up Dharma Down

These posts of Pinoi artists is dedicated to another "Kabayan" blogger Dr. Stirring Rhod of The Doctor is In. I included Up Dharma Down with the Up Yours Comp and the Take 4 Collective Sampler since I know he's not much of a fan of the "noisy" bands that often graced these pages. I hope he likes Up Dharma Down.

As far as Up Dharma Down is concerned, they're a Filipino band that played a jazz-tinged music. I don't know how to describe their music but one thing's for sure I love it. Yeah I know, it's not my usual cup of tea and many eyebrows will be raised but f@*k it, I totally dig their music.

Here's a wikipedia entry for Updharma Down:

Up Dharma Down is a Filipino band that won the In The Raw Award at the 2005 NU 107 Rock Awards, and as Best New Artist and Best Female Award for vocalist and keyboardist, Armi Millare, at the 2006 NU 107 Rock Awards. Their first album, Fragmented, under independent record label Terno Recordings, was released in 2006.

Apart from that, Mark Cole's BBC show tagged them as the Asian band to most likely crossover to North American shores, and has been featured in numerous regional shows together with bands such as Arcade Fire (Canada) and Bloc Party (UK). Their eclectic music gave them the leverage to stand above most local bands in the Philippines, enough to be featured in the July 2007 issue of Time Magazine.

They performed as front act for Incubus' Light Grenades Pacific Rim Tour Manila stop at Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on March 9, 2008. In 2008, they received the Myx Music Awards for Favorite Indie Artist. The band released their second album, Bipolar, on October 24, 2008.


* Armi Millare - keyboards, vocals
* Carlos TaƱada - lead guitars
* Ean Mayor - drums and loops
* Paul Yap - bass

If you liked and downloaded any of the records posted here at my site, please go out and buy the original! Support the band, they needed it! The posts here are just merely samples for you to have a glimpse of the record (that's why I always rip them at 128 kbps only), but not an excuse not to buy the original.

Fragmented - Download Here

Bipolar - Download Here

VA - Up Yours!

Another great Pinoi compilation from Middle Finger Productions. Punk, hardcore, ska you can find it here. This only goes to show how alive and well the scene here in the Philippines.

If you download this comp. and/or the Take 4 Collective sampler, please leave a comment on what you think about the compilation/s.

VA - Up Yours!
1. Today, I Hate You (Strap On 7Inch)
2. Energy (Shrapnel)
3. All of These are Nothing (Red Corpse)
4. No Stage Actor (NSA)
5. Chaotic World (Ambassadors)
6. Dick & the Testicles (Cantoots)
7. Blown Up (Robinhood Crew)
8. Spirit of Rebellion (Signal 3)
9. I Call it My World (Bad Omen)
10. Waking Up (Left of Center)
11. Bow to Your Flag (Feud)
12. Underground Wanna-Be (Putang-I-Nas)
13. Fruitcake Rules (ADA)
14. Intoxicated (Critics)
15. She Left Me (Free 4 All)
16. Nowhere (Finger)
17. Pain of the Masses (Disabuse)
18. Sex Scandal (The Istukas Over Disneyland)
19. Be Brave (RDA)

Download Here

VA - Take 4 Collective Sampler

Take 4 Collective is an independent label here in the Philippines. They filled up the void TRC left, and it's a one big hole - but they're trying. So more power to you guys and keep it up.

This is a sampler that comes free when you buy their releases. It's raw and it's great! The bands are diverse - metal, punk, hardcore... And they came from all over the Philippines not just Manila. Bands from Cebu, Quezon, Cavite and others are given the chance to be heard thanks to the initiative of Take 4 Collective. Standouts are tracks from Half the Battle, Feud, Play, and Bystorm.


Take 4 Collective Sampler

1. The Circled A (Feud)
2. In Your Hands (Play)
3. The Guest LIst (Half the Battle)
4. Eternal (Bystorm)
5. Divine (Sauna)
6. For the Love of Death (Richard Collier)
7. Iyong Katapusan (AOD)
8. Get Up & Go (Friendship 7)
9. Imus Plaza (Take Action)
10. Choose Your Destiny (Backfist)
11. Ugat ng Kasamaan (YFC)
12. Turbo Kabaong Showcase (Nuclear Punishment)
13. When Will It Stop (Forgiveness Denied)
14. Messiah Complex (Prayer of Endurance)
15. Digging Graves (Isvarah)
16. Hope Springs No MOre (Mindrape)
17. Beauty (Chokecocoi)

Download Here:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Youth Brigade - Out of Print

Howdy boyz & gurls!!!

I know it's been quite sometime but I've something special for you all. Last Christmas, I bought 3 CDs as a gift for myself, hehehe, namely Youth Brigade's Out of Print, Insect Warfare's Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution and a band I barely know - the Havoc. Well, the first 2 records are already classics while the Havoc's Our Rebellion Has Just Begun is not a disappointment as well.

Anyways, I thought I share them with you. So here they are plus I included some Life of Agony records - Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival & their Best Of... CD.

"Once upon a time in 1982, L.A. hardcore trio Youth Brigade released a smoking hot LP called Sound and Fury. For some reason, after the first 800 copies hit the stores, the Stern brothers became so unhappy with it, they decided to re-record the whole damn shooting match. And while they were at it, they dropped half the songs and substituted newer ones they'd written. This too came out -- with a different cover -- as Sound and Fury, just to confuse everyone. The original version disappeared from memory, even though some of us maintained that it was perfectly good and didn't deserve to be dumped. Finally, the Stern brothers repair this, releasing the original sessions 16 years later as Out of Print. It still captures the collision of youthful, charged hormones, idealism, revolt, conviction, and positivism, as well as Shaun Stern's well-read mind. The total rush and tight-wound spring attack are familiar now, not only from this LP, but from the new scene the band chronicled on its label BYO with its other LP that year, the Someone Got Their Head Kicked In compilation. You can tell the Brigade liked their share of British Oi! bands (and Brit post-punk bands, the young New Model Army especially), but had too much of the four-year-old Southern California punk tradition in them to restrain the surprisingly poppy melodies and pro-involvement stances. And with this better mastering job (that's probably why they were originally upset), Out of Print is the much better of the two Sound and Fury LPs and stands as their ultimate release. The four bonus tracks, including their first demo, are a good addition, too. To borrow a fanzine phrase of the time, this shreds -- a touchstone hardcore album brought to the light again. (by Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover)"

Download Here

Insect Warfare - Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution [CD Version]

The CD version of this includes the Insect Warfare debut EP, the split EP w/HATRED SURGE, and tracks from comps and demos. 29 tracks in total. INSECT WARFARE play a brutal onslaught of Gulf Coast grindcore. This has to be heard to be believed - laying to waste all the phoney math-metal grind you hear these days, INSECT WARFARE return to the roots of grind, citing explicitly early EARACHE as their alter of worship. This is the return of true grind.

Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution
1 Repulsed By Radiaton
2 Law Of The Saw
3 Bestial Destruction
4 Chainsaw Justice
5 Execution Mania
6 Command The Guillotine
7 Behind Bars (Razor)
At War With Grindcore
8 After War Obliteration
9 Freebase Diarrhea
10 Amphetamine Psychosis
11 Destroyed By Tanks
12 Human Slaughterhouse
13 Death To False Grind
14 Brain Infestation
15 At War With Grindcore
Split EP With Hatred Surge
16 Negative Appeal
17 Obscene Creed
18 Reanimated Horde
19 But Now You Die
20 Hurricane Death
Gulf Coast Massacre Compilation
21 Punk Off And Die (Unreleased From First EP)
22 Untitled
Rehearsal Demo
23 But Now You Die
24 Hurricane Death
25 Amphetamine Psychosis
26 Negative Appeal
27 Death To False Grind
28 At War With Grindcore
Bonus Track
29 Into The Crypt Of Rays (Celtic Frost)

Download Here

the Havoc - Our Rebellion Has Just Begun

Hot on the heels of their self-released instant classic "Who's Gonna Die" EP, THE HAVOC have come to leave their mark on the punk rock world with their pulverizing debut album! The latest great addition to the Punk Core family, THE HAVOC bring something fresh to the roster with their relentless hooks and snarling dual vocals. Add a dash of older influences such as GBH and the DESTRUCTORS and some newer influences such as THE UNSEEN and DEFIANCE and you've got PURE PUNK ROCK! Just what the doctor ordered. (from Interpunk)

The sounds of snarling vocals, thrash guitar riffs, overdriven bass, and ferocious drumming are the perfect combination for punk rock angst and The Havoc deliver all of the above. On the hot streets of south Los Angeles, The Havoc was born in November of 2001. Shortly thereafter, they began playing locally and also released their first 7" E.P. entitled "Who's Gonna Die..." The band pressed only 1,000 copies and sold out of the E.P. on their first tour during the summer of 2002. This immediately began creating waves in the underground punk scene and the result was the groups signing to Punk Core Records.

Hot on the heels of "Who's Gonna Die... The Havoc released their debut full-length entitled "Our Rebellion Has Just Begun" in 2003. The 12 tracks on this record take the listener through a high speed, adrenaline fueled rampage that will leave you feeling as though you were hit by a cyclone of heavy punk rock!! An instant classic, the album conquered the punk scene and garnered rave reviews from almost every underground music magazine on the stands.

After touring relentlessly for an almost solid three years, the band then released their second E.P. on Punkcore Records in 2005, entitled "Road Warrior." Right away the maturity The Havoc had gained in their songwriting was not only evident, but kept listeners on the edge of their seats. Achieving a more unique sound than their first record, this effort shows a tighter, heavier, harder, more melodic band. While being compared to the early thrash antics of Metallica and Motorhead, "Road Warrior" destroys the notion that the band are confined to only one genre of music. In 2006 the band decided to lay The Havoc to rest, regroup and rename. They played their last show on September 22nd of 2006 at The Allen Theatre in Southgate, CA. They now play under the name Spades & Blades and are writing their debut album. (from the Havoc MySpace)

Download Here

Life of Agony - Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival + The Best of

Brooklyn, New York's Life of Agony formed in 1989. Singer Keith Caputo, guitarist Joey
Z., and bassist Alan Robert played the New York underground scene with several different drummers. They perfected their angst-filled hardcore/heavy metal hybrid along the way, obtaining a devoted audience in the process. On the eve of signing with Roadrunner Records, the band enlisted former Type O Negative drummer Sal Abruscato as a permanent member. The resulting album, River Runs Red, was similar to their stage show at the time -- straight-up energy and aggression in a hardcore/thrash format, with shards of heavy metal cutting through at times, and the group toured extensively upon its release. Once the tour was completed, L.O.A. went directly back into the studio to work on their next album, 1995's Ugly, which signaled a complete overhauling of the band's signature heavy-duty sound. The album resembled the sounds of the alternative stars of the day, especially Stone Temple Pilots, and it wasn't greeted favorably by the record-buying public. L.O.A. was still able to retain their audience, and the resulting tour was a success, as they opened for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Type O Negative, and Anthrax. Drummer Abruscato exited the band after the tour, and was replaced by ex-Pro Pain/Crumbsuckers drummer Dan Richardson. Their next release, 1997's Soul Searching Sun, followed essentially the same formula as its predecessor, and was again met by a varied response. Keith Caputo left the group before the tour, letting the members know that his heart was no longer in the music. The band was crushed, but because of their commitments they needed to fill the spot immediately. Former Ugly Kid Joe vocalist Whitfield Crane had told Joey Z. about his desire to play heavier music at an Anthrax show a few years before, so their manager spoke to Crane and he jumped at the chance. The new lineup had only a week to rehearse, and the band barely knew Crane when they let him join. Once the tour ended, they went back to the studio to record, only to realize that they no longer wanted to continue as Life of Agony without Caputo. They flirted with the idea of Robert singing with Stuck Mojo bassist Corey Lowery filling his spot, but the lineup was doomed from the start and the band officially disbanded in April of 1999. That was the final word on Life of Agony until 2003, when the original lineup reunited for two shows. The reunion led to a live album (River Runs Again) as well as the studio effort Broken Valley, issued through Epic Records in June 2005.

Download Here

Download Here

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Del Lords - Based on a True Story

Happy New Year to you all! Just got back from a long-deserved vacation. Now I'm recharged and ready to rock again!

This post is from one of my favorite bands, the Del Lords. They play a raunchy style of rock n' roll, which should always be the case. This is, in my opinion, their best effort.

Plus I posted two debut albums from Coil and Camper Van Beethoven. Two great bands on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Formed in the early '80s by ex-Dictators guitarist Scott Kempner, the Del Lords combined elements of '60s garage rock with country, blues, and folk influences to become one of the initial progenitors of roots rock. Kempner recruited former Joan Jett guitarist Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, bassist Manny Caiati, and drummer Frank Funaro, and the Del Lords released their first disc, Frontier Days, on Enigma/EMI in 1984. The album was noted for its guts, street smarts, and twangy guitars, a balanced blend of Springsteen meets Johnny Thunders. Their follow-up Enigma/EMI release, Johnny Comes Marching Home, found Pat Benatar producer Neil Geraldo at the helm. While the band had became tighter, Geraldo applied a poppy gloss that seemingly toned down the grittier aspects of their debut. All the right elements fell into place by the time their album Based On a True Story was released in 1988, with Geraldo commendably pulling back his slicker production technique, allowing the louder aspects of the band to break through. The album is also notable for the support of guest vocalists Pat Benatar, Syd Straw, Kim Shattuck, and Mojo Nixon.

The raucous EP Howlin' at the Halloween Moon captured the band in its live element, performing five tracks from the first three albums along with spirited covers of the Flamin' Groovies "Jumpin' in the Night" and Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon's "Tallahassee Lassie." In 1990 the Del Lords recorded their final album, Lovers Who Wander, and although some of the rough edges were smoothed out, the graceful emotional conviction made their swansong just as appealing as any of their previous studio releases. Eric "Roscoe" Ambel officially quit the Del Lords in 1991, as he had already released a solo album, Roscoe's Gang. Eight years later the Restless label finally got around to releasing Get Tough: The Best of the Del-Lords. (AMG)

Download Here

Coil - Love's Secret Domain

Though Coil's John Balance and Peter Christopherson were inspired by the acid house revolution of the late '80s, their drug-inspired "dance" album isn't quite as indebted to the style as the contemporary work of Psychic TV. The influence comes through mostly in the deranged effects and vaguely surreal air, though several tracks do increase the rhythmic wattage. For the most part, the duo retained the gothic synth pop of Horse Rotorvator, but with a special emphasis on stuttered cut-and-paste sections rather than organic instruments and environmental sublimation. (AMG)

Download Here

Camper Van Beethoven - Telephone Free Landslide Victory

They say "never say never," but it's still extremely unlikely something so goofily low-key, inventive, and fun will ever achieve cult status so quickly again, especially in terms of musical range on display. Not simply a rock group but not anything else, Camper Van Beethoven pulled off a series of entertaining fusions throughout its debut record, as the opening song "Border Ska" indicates by name alone. Eastern European folk, tropical grooves, post-punk atmospherics, country laid-back good times, psych/garage band aesthetics, lyrics about Mao, Greece, and more -- a lot of stuff went into the Santa Cruz band's brew, and most of it came up trumps on Telephone. Lowery's lead vocals aren't much like what his more famous work in Cracker would indicate, being more speak-singing through shaggy dog stories (even one about Lassie) of all stripes. Hearing his tale of woe on "Wasted" -- "I was a punker, and I had a Mohawk/I was so gnarly and I drove my dad's car" -- delivered in a "yeah dude" tone of voice is pretty darn funny. Segel's keyboards and violins color the arrangements with a fun touch, while rhythm team Krummenacher and then recently departed drummer Anthony Guess try out nearly everything at least once. The production is eminently suited for the proceedings, sounding a bit like the thick, fuzzy flow of many Shimmy-Disc releases but with just enough of a crisp edge. When it comes to humor, it's everywhere -- for instance, the plaintively sung chorus of "Where the Hell Is Bill?," not to mention the various speculative answers ("Maybe he went to get a Vespa scooter"). Or, of course, the song that kick-started the band's reputation, "Take the Skinheads Bowling," two and a half minutes of chiming, goofy nonsense with references to Jah and incomplete rhymes. (AMG)

Download Here