Thursday, January 15, 2009

Youth Brigade - Out of Print

Howdy boyz & gurls!!!

I know it's been quite sometime but I've something special for you all. Last Christmas, I bought 3 CDs as a gift for myself, hehehe, namely Youth Brigade's Out of Print, Insect Warfare's Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution and a band I barely know - the Havoc. Well, the first 2 records are already classics while the Havoc's Our Rebellion Has Just Begun is not a disappointment as well.

Anyways, I thought I share them with you. So here they are plus I included some Life of Agony records - Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival & their Best Of... CD.

"Once upon a time in 1982, L.A. hardcore trio Youth Brigade released a smoking hot LP called Sound and Fury. For some reason, after the first 800 copies hit the stores, the Stern brothers became so unhappy with it, they decided to re-record the whole damn shooting match. And while they were at it, they dropped half the songs and substituted newer ones they'd written. This too came out -- with a different cover -- as Sound and Fury, just to confuse everyone. The original version disappeared from memory, even though some of us maintained that it was perfectly good and didn't deserve to be dumped. Finally, the Stern brothers repair this, releasing the original sessions 16 years later as Out of Print. It still captures the collision of youthful, charged hormones, idealism, revolt, conviction, and positivism, as well as Shaun Stern's well-read mind. The total rush and tight-wound spring attack are familiar now, not only from this LP, but from the new scene the band chronicled on its label BYO with its other LP that year, the Someone Got Their Head Kicked In compilation. You can tell the Brigade liked their share of British Oi! bands (and Brit post-punk bands, the young New Model Army especially), but had too much of the four-year-old Southern California punk tradition in them to restrain the surprisingly poppy melodies and pro-involvement stances. And with this better mastering job (that's probably why they were originally upset), Out of Print is the much better of the two Sound and Fury LPs and stands as their ultimate release. The four bonus tracks, including their first demo, are a good addition, too. To borrow a fanzine phrase of the time, this shreds -- a touchstone hardcore album brought to the light again. (by Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover)"

Download Here


Toxik Boys said...

Cool post!, only a classic band, no more, no less.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Yeah man! A classic release from a classic band.

Anonymous said...

This album rocks so hard, thank you very much for posting this!

I had the original version on vinyl (with much worse production) back in college and haven't listened to it since back then.

If you're a fan of L.A. hardcore, this is a classic to add to your collection.

I'd also like to make a request for anything by 'The Abandoned', Tony Adolescents band after the adolescents...I've heard a couple of tracks recently and would love to hear their entire album.

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