Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VA - Up Yours!

Another great Pinoi compilation from Middle Finger Productions. Punk, hardcore, ska you can find it here. This only goes to show how alive and well the scene here in the Philippines.

If you download this comp. and/or the Take 4 Collective sampler, please leave a comment on what you think about the compilation/s.

VA - Up Yours!
1. Today, I Hate You (Strap On 7Inch)
2. Energy (Shrapnel)
3. All of These are Nothing (Red Corpse)
4. No Stage Actor (NSA)
5. Chaotic World (Ambassadors)
6. Dick & the Testicles (Cantoots)
7. Blown Up (Robinhood Crew)
8. Spirit of Rebellion (Signal 3)
9. I Call it My World (Bad Omen)
10. Waking Up (Left of Center)
11. Bow to Your Flag (Feud)
12. Underground Wanna-Be (Putang-I-Nas)
13. Fruitcake Rules (ADA)
14. Intoxicated (Critics)
15. She Left Me (Free 4 All)
16. Nowhere (Finger)
17. Pain of the Masses (Disabuse)
18. Sex Scandal (The Istukas Over Disneyland)
19. Be Brave (RDA)

Download Here


jep_peligro said...

thanks for this up.
would u please re-up the TRC releases???

hope u can. we'll be waiting.
CHEERS! Salamat

Punk Rock Daddy said...

I'll try my best to re-up all the Pinoi records I have.

Ferdinand said...

Great compilation from Middle Finger. Pumupunta ako sa shop nila sa Cartimar Recto to get my Pinoy Punk fix. Awesome!