Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VA - Take 4 Collective Sampler

Take 4 Collective is an independent label here in the Philippines. They filled up the void TRC left, and it's a one big hole - but they're trying. So more power to you guys and keep it up.

This is a sampler that comes free when you buy their releases. It's raw and it's great! The bands are diverse - metal, punk, hardcore... And they came from all over the Philippines not just Manila. Bands from Cebu, Quezon, Cavite and others are given the chance to be heard thanks to the initiative of Take 4 Collective. Standouts are tracks from Half the Battle, Feud, Play, and Bystorm.


Take 4 Collective Sampler

1. The Circled A (Feud)
2. In Your Hands (Play)
3. The Guest LIst (Half the Battle)
4. Eternal (Bystorm)
5. Divine (Sauna)
6. For the Love of Death (Richard Collier)
7. Iyong Katapusan (AOD)
8. Get Up & Go (Friendship 7)
9. Imus Plaza (Take Action)
10. Choose Your Destiny (Backfist)
11. Ugat ng Kasamaan (YFC)
12. Turbo Kabaong Showcase (Nuclear Punishment)
13. When Will It Stop (Forgiveness Denied)
14. Messiah Complex (Prayer of Endurance)
15. Digging Graves (Isvarah)
16. Hope Springs No MOre (Mindrape)
17. Beauty (Chokecocoi)

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Putanginas said...

Sir, I would like to request for the album New Names For Old Desire Compilation, and Bystorm/Pulling Teeth Split album.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

My friend has the Bystorm/Pulling Teeth Split, and I have to ask him if he has the New Names Comp. I'll post them as soon as I get them.