Sunday, August 29, 2010

VA - Good Songs

Good Songs Tracklist

1. Big Star – Ballad of El Goodo
2. Blind Faith – Presence of the Lord
3. Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody
4. Doobie Brothers – Jesus is Just Alright
5. Eric Clapton – Running on Faith
6. George Harrison – My Sweet Lord
7. Jeff Beck feat. Rod Stewart – People Get Ready
8. Leonard Cohen – If It Be Your Will
9. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Bless His Ever-Loving Heart
10. the Byrds – Turn Turn Turn
11. Tom Waits – Way Down In the Hole
12. U2 – 40
13. U2 – Gloria
14. Van Morrison – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
15. Van Morrison feat. Cliff Richards – Whenever God Shines His Light
16. Violent Femmes – Jesus Walking on Water
17. Wolfgang – Aquarius

In light of the things just happened to me and especially my friend’s nephew’s steady recovery. He had a very bad biking accident a couple days ago. I’d like to say thank to the Lord Almighty for continuously taking care of us and listening to our prayers.

Also, I would like to ask Him to bless our besieged nation after the ‘poorly-handled hostage situation last week involving Hong Kong nationals.’

Here are some of the “Good Songs” I compiled as a ‘thank you’ to the Lord. These songs are about faith, hope and love.

God Bless Us All!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material

Just like the previous post, this is another classic debut album. This was released way back in 1979 and its influence can still be heard thirty years later in your Green Days and Rancids.

Suspect Device in a certifiable punk classic, in league with Anarchy in the UK and New Rose. Standout tracks like Wasted Life and Barb Wire Love make this a solid record from start to finish. A reggae number was thrown in for good measure. And they even took a shot at their own label in the aptly-titled song Rough Trade.

What else can I say about this record that hasn’t been said before? Nothing. So enjoy brothers and sisters!

the Saints - (I'm Stranded)

The Saints – (I’m) Stranded

Last month, I said that I’ll be posting classic punk and hardcore records for youngsters who are new to punk and for those who just discovered punk. In keeping true to my promise, I’m posting not 1 or 2 classic punk records but 5 great debut albums!

First up is (I’m) Stranded, the debut album by the Australian punk legends The Saints.

When The Saints came to the scene back in 1976, they were virtually unknown. Then, a few copies of their first single (I’m) Stranded made it to UK and literally became “overnight” sensations, at least to the punk scene. Their music is more akin to the New York Dolls than the Ramones and their debut is a mixture of garage rock and punk. This is a must have for all punks and would-be punks. If you don’t have this you should grab it now. Enjoy!!!