Thursday, December 6, 2007

Records I'm Recently Abusing

Well, these are the records I'm recently abusing. Some people call it Heavy Rotation (hey, I should add a Heavy Rotation section here!). Anyways, here's Conflict's Employing All Means Necessary and Attitude Adjustment's 1996 7" True to the Trade. These bands don't need no introduction, so you're not getting any. If you don't know these bands, go back to your cave... or your penthouse. Enjoy!

Conflict - Employing All Means Necessary

Attitude Adjustment - True to the Trade


irishdave said...

Mein Gott!! *Another* Conflict comp? who many is that? very sad - maybe they should join that here and now touring circus of '80's band (haircut 100 etc) playing their greatest hits:-)still - good music if you don't already have it.

cory said...

can u reup the attitude adjustment please