Monday, May 19, 2008

Severed Head of State / Scum Noise - Live

Sorry folks, my scanner is acting strange as of late, so instead of a scan of the cover, I just took photos of the front, inlay and back covers (at least, I included the inlay and back covers). Being lazy and all, I didn't even trim the background. I took the pictures inside Tommy's crib (that's his comforter in the background).

Some info on the record, SHOS set was recorded at the Ungdomshuset, Uppsala, Sweden on May 24, 2003. While Scum Noise's set was during "1 (degree) Ato De extrema Glorificado Ao Underground Festival" at Machado/MG - Brazil in last October 4, 2003. Scum Noise did a very good cover of Driller Killer's Alcoholocaust.


SHOS/Scum Noise - Live

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irishdave said...

Nice! Thanks for this - really good