Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Valley Girl OST

I don’t know what’s gotten over me, but I was feeling kind of nostalgic lately that I feel the urge to posts these soundtracks here. I remember back in High School that me and my buddies would cut classes just to watch Decline of Western Civilization, Sid & Nancy, Great Rock n Roll Swindle, the Jam concert , Suburbia in Betamax format. Hahaha, those were the daze.

Anyways, the soundtracks here now considered classics. SLC Punk & Suburbia OST’s are no-brainers, it’s up my alley, BUT Valley Girl & Sixteen Candles? Well, I still have my New Wave roots in me. But I got to admit that I haven’t seen Valley Girl though I recently bought the DVD in “pirate land.” While I saw Sixteen Candles years later after its release in a local channel. My friend bought me the Sixteen Candles Soundtrack and a New Order Maxi Single (Thieves Like Us) when he got back from Japan. I sold the Thieves Like Us single but kept the Sixteen Candles OST. Also, the Less Than Zero SOundtrack is amazing simply because of Slayer’s version of In A Gadda Da Vida alone. Just like March Violet’s version of the Rolling Stone’s classic Miss Amanda Jones in the Some Kind of Wonderful OST.

And who can forget Pump Up the Volume (which includes contributions from the Pixies, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden just to name a few) or Some Kind of Wonderful

Personally, I was never a fan of teen flicks such as Pretty in Pink and the like, and the only reason why I watched them was because of the soundtracks.

Anyways, hope you liked my little nostalgia trip!


Download Here


D said...

Man, that was some neat stuff you guys got to watch back then. Could you tell me some good punk docus (not movies)?

I just watched American Hardcore, Punk: Attitude, something about the international scene not just the US/UK ones...thanks,

Punk Rock Daddy said...

i am not aware of an international punk documentary back in the day. but there was Urgh Music Wars which included the Cramps, Go-go's, the Police, the Alley Cats (these are the bands i actually remebered at the moment, hehehe).

Nazz Nomad said...

Repo Man. You forgot Repo Man for all time great soundtracks (plus it's a great movie)

as far as docs... Rude Boy (The Clash)
Westway To The World (The Clash)
Live At The Roxy (77 Brit Punk)

Punk Rock Daddy said...

yeah Nazz, but the thing is I saw a blog who already posted repo man a ouple of months ago - i think it's in down underground.

it's one of those great movies with great soundtracks.

Anonymous said...

Good show here at the blog, I needed this somewhere in my collection.
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p.s. we got some doc's at our under videos

uzername said...

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uzername said...
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Anonymous said...

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veronica said...

I just watched this movie last night and was flipping out over the music! thanks so much!

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