Sunday, March 14, 2010

Antischism - Discography

Ah, noise! I miss it so much so I am going to do something about it. Actually I bought some CDs about two weeks ago and I’m going to post some of them. But before we get into that, here’s Antischism’s Discography. This CD collects almost everything the band did from the All Their Money Stinks of Death to their various EPs, except their full-length album Still Life. I gave them a listen this week and I almost forgot how I love this band. The sound the bass player created was so awesome and different, but what’s cool is how it fits perfectly with their sound. You got to check it out to believe it. My personal favorite is Flesh of Another. It somehow reminded me of I Am the Hunted by GBH. The song started out with this melodic riff, then blasts off into a maniacal frenzy. Luv it!!!

Moving on to the CDs I bought. The first one was Rovsvett’s Boll-Mats Bjuder Pa Bullkalas & Kaffe...1984-1987. Personally, I don’t know much about this band other than they released a Poison Idea cover album called Burning the Gay Nuns during the nineties. So I did some research on this release and found out that it a collection of singles and live recordings starting off with the eight-song EP called Jesus Bar en Tomte. The live sets include one from Copenhagen in Denmark on the 5th of April 1986 at Ungdomshuset and Live from KFUM in Tranås, Sweden on the 18th of September 1983. The record is everything you expect from a Swedish HC, fast and hard! But honestly, I thought that it was lacking something which I cannot pinpoint. Production maybe? I honestly don’t know but don’t get me wrong I love this record and I think it’s better than some of the hardcore from the same era.

Next up is Raw Power’s Screams from the Gutter/After Your Brain two-in-one CD. I swear I already downloaded this one I think last year in some blog but only Screams from the Gutter, not this two-in-one CD. Then I found it with the Rovsvett CD and grabbed it immediately. These Italian HC/thrash pioneers are great. The songs consisted of straight ahead HC/Crossover with great lead guitars and some songs actually reminded me of the Accused which is not a bad thing. This is a killer album so you better grab it if you don’t have it yet. We Shall Overcome is a great anthem!

Then I also found the compilation called Louder Than Hell. I think I saw this one too in some metal blogs. It’s a five song comp from Hirax, the Accused, Toxic Narcotic, Municipal Waste and Voetsek. All the songs are topnotch but Municipal Waste’s Mind Eraser is the real standout here.

The last one for this post is Cluster Bomb Unit’s Stumpf Ist Trumpf. I already posted this one a long time ago but somebody requested for a re-up so here it is. This is actually a tour CD for their Asian tour and includes covers of No Security (Chaos UK), State Violence State Control (Discharge), Polizeistaat (Mob 47), Rotten to the Core (Rudimentary Peni) and Who's Gonna Fight the 3rd World War (Subhumans).


*** Special thanks to my good friend Erin E. for the title bar picture.

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Could you please re-up the Alternative TV Radio sessions? been lookin' high n' lo for it.It would simply just be way too cool if you did!- thank you for xllnt blogwerk- Snargles

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ok, it'll be in the next post. :)