Monday, April 19, 2010

Eugenius - Mary Queen of Scots

Sorry guys I’ve been busy lately, that’s why I’m gonna keep this short.

Anyways, the posts right now have something in common. They were all released here in the Philippines! These releases made things here in Manila more exciting. I never thought Sick Of It All and the Exploited will actually be released here. Of course these are their major label releases like the Exploited’s Beat the Bastards, ALL’s Pummel, Luna’s second album Bewithced, Eugenius’ Mary Queen of Scots, & Sick Of It All’s Built to Last. Plus I included 7 Seconds’ The Music, The Message. Though the latter wasn’t locally available, it fits the other category which is ‘major label release.’

These records don’t need much introduction other than at some point in time, they made my heavy rotation.


Download Here

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Putanginas said...

Sir, please re-upload this 90's classic album from Eugenius. Thanks.