Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VA - Tribute to the Real Oi! Vol. 2 (and the Originals)

Tracklist - Vol 2
01- Roger Miret and The Disasters - New York belongs to me (Cock Sparrer)
02-Ignite - The Jinx (Peter and The Test Tube Babies)
03-Second Chance NL-Stark raving normal(The Blood)
04-Bouncing Souls-We're coming back(Cock Sparrer)
05-Brightside-One law for them(4 skins)
06-Cromag, Harley & Friends-Badman(Cockney Rejects)
07-Death Threat-King of the jungle(Last Resort)
08-Hardshell-Friday night(Burial)
09-Vision-Where are they now(Cock Sparrer)
10-Murphys Law-Drinking and driving(The Business)
12-Powerhouse-Gang warfare(The Strike)
13-Funeral Dress-Real enemy(The Business)
14-Re-Tribute: Millwall Roi-Gotta go (Agnostic Front)
15-Roger Miret & The Disasters-Voice of a generation (Blitz)
16-Ignite-Maradona(The Business)
17-Second Chance NL-I won't pay for liberty (Angelic Upstarts)
18-Bouncing Souls-The beginning of the end (Cockney Rejects)
19-Brightside-Hippie punks(Crowbar)
20-Cromag, Harley & Friends-Freedom (Last Resort)
21-Death Threat-Poseur (Combat 84)
22-Hardshell-Take the blame (Vicious Rumours)
23-Vision-Let's break the law (Anti Nowhere League)
24-Beans-What's wrong boy (Slaughter and The Dogs)
25-Powerhouse-Maniac (Peter & The Test Tube Babies)
26-Funeral Dress-Loud and clear (Subculture)
27-Re-Tribute-Last Resort-She's a skinhead girl warrior (Warzone)

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the Originals


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Punk Rock Daddy said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the sweet idea and the work to realize it!
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