Thursday, October 18, 2007

And Now...Back to Our Regular Programming

Here's a band that needs no introduction, the sadly defunct Antischism. This is the only record I have from Antischism, so if you have their EP's and their Complete Discography from I think Allied Records and feel like sharing it, just post it in the comments.

The other one is the German crust band, Cluster Bomb Unit, who recently visited our country, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to see the because of personal reasons (I'm still kicking myself). Anyways, here's their 2003 7" in release called Last Band Standing.


Antischism - Still Life

Cluster Bomb Unit - Last Band Standing


durruti said...

Thanks for the Antischism rip - I've been after a replacement for my vinyl copy for quite a while, ever since a mate drunkenly dropped a speaker on it and made a big hole!

Keep up the good work ;)

killtheswitch said...

hey i don't know if you're still looking for more antischism but i've got their discography up on my blog.