Tuesday, October 9, 2007

DRI and the Straight Edge

Well ok, here's some odd pairing, DRI's Live at CBGB's plus a couple of defunct Straight Edge bands, namely Insted and Good Riddance. (I actually had a different post in mind but somewhere along the way the files got screwed up and had to find something to post quickly. Though the DRI post is certainly NOT a replacement material.)

Insted - Bonds of Friendship

Insted - Proud Youth 1986-91





dave said...

Great post, man. I remember I still have my DRI LIVE AT THE RITZ VHS with me. I bought that in Quiapo when I was still in college. I wonder if it still works... = >

Punk Rock Daddy said...

You can post it if it's still working. I got the Cliff 'em All there too.

Anonymous said...

great post.....man!!!!!muzta...twg k naman s bhy...terrorizer

Slobodan Burgher said...

Thnaks for the DRI live, never heard it before actually. Good stuff. Weirdly perhaps I was turned on to DRI by Mob 47's guitarist Ake who wears a band tee on Mob47's legendary 7". And what is more, a few weeks ago when they played here in London he had teh same-print tee! Wanted to tell him that but then I was too shy...ha!

LexiconDevilWithABatteredBrain said...

Can you re-up these? Gigasize links last like 30 seconds :-/.