Friday, February 22, 2008

Napalm Death Split Albums

Napalm Death is one of the most influential bands to ever emerge from the UK. Though they have gone off to pursue other musical genre, their early works, especially their album Scum remains a classic and a meterstick where every grindcore/extreme bands are measured. Here are two great Split albums from this great band. First one is a Split with the equally great and influential band, Extreme Noise Terror (my personal favorite). And the other one is the Split with one of Japan's finest bands (SxOxBx). Need I say more? Enjoy!!!

I gotta change the title of the post, read the comments! hehe

Napalm Death & ENT Split

Napalm Death & SOB Split


Anonymous said...

You nearly killed me.I saw "Napalm Death Splits" and thought they broke up.

Punk Rock Daddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Punk Rock Daddy said...

My bad. That's really a scary thought.

irishdave said...

Ithought the same as well - my medical bill following a heart failure has been forwarded to you

Punk Rock Daddy said...

I really gotta change the title before more medical bills are handed over to me. :)

Gilberto von Mamerto said...

Punk Master Daddy, Hello!

I hope everything is going ok there.

Fear of God Discog.

Fear 0f GOd cover disc:

good luck from south america!

I see later

durruti said...

Haven't heard the ND / ENT split before, so I'm gonna grab it and inflict some old-school aural destruction on me lugholes.


billias said...

enjoying the blasts from the past and thanking for this one..

sexy said...


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