Thursday, February 7, 2008

Redd Kross - Teenage Babes from Monsanto

I think this album don't need any introductions. So you're not getting any.
***Here's a request for Battalion of Saints - Death - R - Us


Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for posting Teen Babes from Monsanto...I used to have this album back in the 80s and it was one of my alltime favorites.

Then I found my copy of this record in my Mom's basement and it was all water-damaged from a problem she had with a broken pipe and I was devastated to find it all warped and unlistenable.

For those who think punk rock is about thrash music and black leather jackets, this is an invitation to you to listen to this record and to blow your puny minds!

Red Cross (old spelling used intentionally) understood what punk rock really is: it's about doing what YOU want and not listening to trendy people wearing hip t-shirts.

I'd also be grateful if you would post a good quality copy of their first-ever 12inch EP on Posh Boy.

Punk Not Profit said...

Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous said...

classic stuff

Toxxy said...

Battalion Of Saints - Death-R-Us [Mp3 VBR]

No password

Found here:

Cheers :-)

museum of imaginary histories said...
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museum of imaginary histories said...

just found this earlier and thought of you as it's listed on your wishlist.
don't know if it's the one you're after or if you've already got it but i reckon it'd be neighbourly of me to point it out.
(i had to split the address over two lines as it was too big for the posting)

Punk Rock Daddy said...

thanks, I already snagged that one at willfully obscure. But I'm still looking for the one with Anthrax's version of Celebrated Summer. Though Big Drll Car's version in willfully obscure is excellent. Thanks again bro!