Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DIY: We're Desperate The LA Scene

The Pop! - Down On The Boulevard
The Dogs - Younger Point Of View
The Motels - Counting [demo]
The Germs - Forming
The Dils - I Hate The Rich
The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around
The Weirdos - A Life Of Crime
The Zippers - You're So Strange
The Quick - Pretty Please
The Last - She Don't Know Why I'm Here
The Furys - Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep
The Dils - Mr. Big
X - We're Desperate
The Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb
The Germs - Lexicon Devil
Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
The Plugz - La Bamba
The Dickies - You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
Eyes - TAQN
Bags - Survive
X - Los Angeles

DIY: We're Desperate The LA Scene


Anonymous said...

Note that the Eyes song (at least on my copy) is not the great A-side, "TAQN," but the B-side, "Topological Lies." Trust somebody at Rhino got sacked for that one....

Punk Rock Daddy said...

hahaha! that's for sure...

John said...

Looking forwarding to listening to this - thanks for uploading. Just a though was it a requirement to name your band The (Insert Name) if you lived in LA?