Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pixies - Purple Album

Sorry for the once again delayed post, blame it on the freaking Spyware that hit me recently. It affected the taskmanager, hijacked Rapidshare & Mediafire and made my connection really slow making uploading almost impossible. But the thing is I didn't want to reformat my PC so I slaved for a couple of weeks trying to fix it. Whew, I'm glad I fixed it though there's still issues on uploading but I can manage.

Enough about that, I love the Pixies and I've been dying to post these records for a long time now. First up is their legendary demo - the Purple Album. It's nice to hear this one because it's very interesting to hear the songs I love in their infancy stage and how it evolved to the songs we came to know and love. Case in point - 'Here Comes Your Man,' the version here is way different than what was on Doolittle.

All in all, the record is a great glimpse on a band that's quickly rising to "stardom."


Pixies - Purple Album

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