Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wire - Live at the CBGBs

"By the time Wire made it to America for a mini-residency at New York's CBGB in July 1978, punk was dead and the band was moving in a radically different musical direction. The material featured here is an abridged version of a set recorded before a small audience (not at CBGB itself but in a nearby space) for broadcast on local station WPIX. Since American audiences had never seen Wire, the band uncharacteristically reprised some Pink Flag tracks. However, most of the songs come from Chairs Missing and explore exciting new territory, particularly the jagged exercises in creepy surrealism "From the Nursery" and "Practice Makes Perfect." Scant live evidence of Wire's exhilarating early phase exists; these recordings start to fill that gap, providing a vivid, fleeting snapshot of a group whose natural state was constant change." from ALLMUSICGUIDE

Gettin' lazy again! lol

Anyways, this is a piece of work so ENJOY!

Wire - Live at the CBGBs

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Anonymous said...

saw wire in 77 in london supporting the tubes have not heard any early wire for a long time ,thanx