Saturday, November 1, 2008

Decry - Japanese MLP

This record, if my memory serves me right, was already posted by Slobo's Only In It For the Music's first incarnation. In case you missed out on that here it is again. This record is more of a rock record than their Falling LP. And for that reason, many fans were alienated. To tell you honestly, when I first heard it I was very pissed off and hated the album so much. I'm crying sell out. When I listened to it again many years later, it's not actually bad at all. In fact I enjoy listening to it. Taste surely changes over time.

Download Here


Slobodan Burgher said...

Yes that's so. By the way, there's a short interview with band here:


Punk Rock Daddy said...

Whoa! Thanks bro!

k-xi said...

heyyy dude!!! thnx 4 this MLP!! i take it!!! un gran abrazo!!!!!!!!!
(i've got the mob's step forward EP on your wishlist my friend, i'll post it in a few days)

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Thanks my friend. I'm looking forward to that K-XI!

Anonymous said...