Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Riddance - Coverups

This is a re-up from Good Riddance's all covers album aptly named Coverups. The artists covered here are varied from the punk staples such as Black Flag to Battalion of Saints, to Government Issue and Chron Gen. There's a really good cover of the Shangrila's classic the "Leader of tha Pack" plus a Kiss number "I Stole Your Love."

Here's what AMG has to say about the album:

"Cover Ups has California punks Good Riddance doing ten cover songs: "Melt With You" by Modern English, "Feel Their Pain" by Insted, "I Stole Your Love" by Kiss, "Second Coming" by Battalion of Saints, "Come Dancing" by the Kinks, "Outlaw" by Chron Gen, "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri-Las, "Hall of Fame" by Government Issue, "In My Head" by the Psychedelic Furs, and "My War" by Black Flag.

Given that Good Riddance has been around for about 15 years, one can forgive them slightly for wanting to do a cover album, which are normally received with apprehension from fans and non-fans alike. Some of the tunes seemed marred by the band trying to be funny and instead being annoying (the snotty "na-na-na" chorus on "Melt With You," the high-pitched girly shrieking on "Leader of the Pack," etc.). Adding former Lifetime and Kid Dynamite drummer David Wagenschutz made Good Riddance a really tight apparatus on the rhythm end, and hopefully Wagenschutz's talent can bring some respect to the band as legitimate musicians (if that's something they care about, that is). Highlights of the album would no doubt be the Kiss cover and Bill Stevenson of Black Flag, All, and the Descendents doing drums and guitar on the Black Flag tune. To a larger degree, this cover album is similar to the entire school of cover albums: If you're a fan of the band and you like even just a few of the covers, you'll dig the album. If you like some of the songs but aren't much of a fan of the band, you'll be able to tolerate the songs. So the lesson is that cover albums are (in almost all cases) for fans only. Cover Ups is no exception."

Track listing

1. "I Melt with You" (Modern English) – 2:22
2. "Feel Their Pain" (Insted) – 2:02
3. "I Stole Your Love" (Kiss) – 2:37
4. "Second Coming" (Battalion of Saints) – 1:26
5. "Come Dancing" (The Kinks) – 2:20
6. "Outlaw" (Chron Gen) – 3:05
7. "Leader of the Pack" (The Shangri-Las) – 2:09
8. "Hall of Fame" (Government Issue) – 0:57
9. "In My Head" (The Psychedelic Furs) – 2:41
10. "My War" (Black Flag) – 3:43

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Anonymous said...

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Nazz Nomad said...

hard to resist an album with covers from Black Flag and Kiss!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

same here dude. the gov't issue & battalion of saints covers are great as well!