Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gothic Tribute to the Doors (Darken My Fire)

"You know the day destroys the night, Night divides the day, Tried to run, Tried to hide, Break on through to the other side."

There's no better day to play that song than today, Halloween!

The Jim Morrison's lyrics was always been dark and brooding but overshadowed by their excellent pop sensibilities. From the Oedipal Complex theme of The End to serial killing in Riders on the Storm, there's always a dark shadow looming behind their music. Anyways, the culprits here are the who's who of Goth - Alien Sex Fiend, the Mission, Controlled Bleeding, Nosferatu, Mephisto Walz. Enjoy the weekend!


The Mission - Love Me Two Times
Eating Crow - L.A. Woman
The Newlydeads - Hello, I Love You
Alien Sex Fiend - Five to One
The Electric Hellfire Club - Light My Fire
Spahn Ranch - Strange Days
Ex-Voto - Riders on the Storm
Mephisto Walz - Peace Frog
Eerie Von - The Spy
Rhea's Obsession - End of the Night
Controlled Bleeding - When the Music's Over
Nosferatu - People Are Strange
Rosetta Stone - The End

Download Here

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oi Polloi

This my fourth try in uploading this s@*t, and frankly I'm getting tired. Hope this works

Download here

Wire - Live at the CBGBs

"By the time Wire made it to America for a mini-residency at New York's CBGB in July 1978, punk was dead and the band was moving in a radically different musical direction. The material featured here is an abridged version of a set recorded before a small audience (not at CBGB itself but in a nearby space) for broadcast on local station WPIX. Since American audiences had never seen Wire, the band uncharacteristically reprised some Pink Flag tracks. However, most of the songs come from Chairs Missing and explore exciting new territory, particularly the jagged exercises in creepy surrealism "From the Nursery" and "Practice Makes Perfect." Scant live evidence of Wire's exhilarating early phase exists; these recordings start to fill that gap, providing a vivid, fleeting snapshot of a group whose natural state was constant change." from ALLMUSICGUIDE

Gettin' lazy again! lol

Anyways, this is a piece of work so ENJOY!

Wire - Live at the CBGBs

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pixies - Acoustic Live in Newport

This actually a double post for the Pixies. This recording was from 2005 after the Pixes reformed. It's recorded in Newport. I don't know about you but for me, I find it hard to believe that the Pixies would go acoustic though a lot harder and less talented bands actually did it.

Anyways, enjoy this piece of gem!

Pixies - Acoustic Live in Newport

Pixies - Purple Album

Sorry for the once again delayed post, blame it on the freaking Spyware that hit me recently. It affected the taskmanager, hijacked Rapidshare & Mediafire and made my connection really slow making uploading almost impossible. But the thing is I didn't want to reformat my PC so I slaved for a couple of weeks trying to fix it. Whew, I'm glad I fixed it though there's still issues on uploading but I can manage.

Enough about that, I love the Pixies and I've been dying to post these records for a long time now. First up is their legendary demo - the Purple Album. It's nice to hear this one because it's very interesting to hear the songs I love in their infancy stage and how it evolved to the songs we came to know and love. Case in point - 'Here Comes Your Man,' the version here is way different than what was on Doolittle.

All in all, the record is a great glimpse on a band that's quickly rising to "stardom."


Pixies - Purple Album