Monday, February 2, 2009

Agression - The Best of

Agression was an American rock band from Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, California, and considered[who?] one of the most influential founding bands of the Nardcore sound within the hardcore punk scene, and are generally considered the creators of the subgenre "skate punk", being the first band to fuse the skate culture with the punk scene- featuring a song about skateboarding (Intense Energy), and a skater in a pool as album art on the on the cover of their first and most popular album, "Don't be Mistaken".
Agression was very well known for its fast-paced, aggressive songs such as "Slammin' at the Club", "Money Machine", "Intense Energy", "Never Alone", "Go to War", and "Locals Only.”

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Toxik Boys said...

Oh, i love this fucking good band, the nardcore is a great scene and has great exponents within the hardcore punk and the skate punk.
Ill Repute, RKL, Stalag, Scared Straight (Ten Foot Pole), and my favourite: Dr Know xp, among other, are nice examples.
Cheers amigo!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Cheers brother!

Anonymous said...

sweet jebus did these guys suck...and no, the errant spelling wasn't 'ironic'....they were really that dumb.

I grew up in Oxnard (tragically), and that 'scene' was nothing but utterly derivative South Bay HC with some atavistic metal elements because everybody was too stoned to change the radio dial from the Mighty Met (KMET).

Dr. Know had all the wit that existed in the 'Nardcore scene, mostly because Kyle was smarter than the rest of those bands added together (we were in school together & I can attest that, while a smartass of the highest caliber, he was/is a really intelligent guy).

Glad this does something for you, but having been there at the time, I can't imagine why. Ah Oxnard, where the sewer meets the sea....