Monday, February 2, 2009

Amen - We've Come for Your Parents

This California, USA-based outfit transformed their underground status into mainstream success by ladling their high-energy take on nu-metal with venomous helpings of raw punk attitude. The band was formed in Los Angeles in 1994 by Casey Chaos (b. Manhattan, New York, USA; vocals) and Paul Fig (guitar). A veteran of the Californian scene, Chaos had enjoyed a brief spell with Christian Death and recorded with his own hardcore outfit, Disorderly Conduct. Drummer Shannon Larkin (ex-Ugly Kid Joe; Wrathchild America) and two former members of Snot, guitarist Sonny Mayo and John "Tumor" Fahnestock, completed the line-up which recorded Amen's independent label debut, Slave. Three years later the band achieved their major breakthrough when their second album was overseen by leading nu-metal producer Ross Robinson, and marketed through the partnership between his I Am imprint and Roadrunner Records. Chaos allegedly shed real blood during recording sessions in an attempt to recreate the near-anarchic energy of the band's live shows, arguably succeeding on tracks such as "Coma America" and "Whores Of Hollywood".
A troubled period followed, however, as the band embarked on a shambolic tour with Slipknot, Coal Chamber and Dope, during which Chaos was accused of destroying the latter's equipment. Relations with Roadrunner fell apart after several other incidents, and not long afterwards the band found themselves the beneficiaries of I Am's new distribution contract with Virgin Records. Robinson assumed the production reins once more for the recording of the band's wonderfully-titled sophomore set, We Have Come For Your Parents. Released in October 2000, this album saw the band's attacks on consumer society and organised religion reaching new heights of vitriol on the tracks "Mayday" and "Under The Robe".
Record company problems exacerbated the band members' tenuous working relatioship, and Fig left the band the following November. Larkin, Mayo and Fahnestock departed soon after leaving Chaos as the only original member. He was forced to search for another deal without a regular band, and began recording new material with a number of session musicians. Chaos eventually signed to the new label formed by System Of A Down's Daron Malakian and released Amen's fourth album, Death Before Musick, in summer 2004.(NME)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this classic!

Anonymous said...

These guys opened for Killing Joke a few years back and were one of the best bands I had seen in Years.
They were also on the Henry Rollins show last year ,Great Band.
cheers.for the deathpunk.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Thanks dudes! Amen is totally awesome

john rob said...


Anonymous said...

fucking casey chaos is one of the last of the dying breed.Like Henry ROLLINS said casey chaos is the man,
he worked with so many punk +black metal legends he's even sang for the Damned !
greg a

Anonymous said...

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