Saturday, June 6, 2009

VA - Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line

Another excellent Pinoi compilation. Istukas Over Disneyland (a great punk band from the Philippines), Killratio (hardcore from the Philippines), La Grita (thrash punk from California) and Eskapo (Fil-Am hardcore from Vallejo, California).

PS: I only post Filipino releases to showcase them and to show the world what we have. So, all you Pinoi Punks, go to Cartimar Recto and buy these releases. The bands need your support!

Special thanks to Lena Johnston for the scans. More power!

Download Here

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Putanginas said...

Thanks a lot for sharing "VA - Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line" Cd I had been looking this album from other blogs and I did not find it. Now I have heard all the songs I will go to Recto to buy the original cd. "LONG LIVE ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAYS YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT" \m/!!!!!!!!!!!