Saturday, June 6, 2009

VA - Half the Battle, Play, Feud 3-way Split

Pinoi comps galore! I've posted Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line & Deep Impact compilation and now the three-way split of Half the Battle, Play and Feud.

I saw Half the Battle for the first time when they opened for Eskapo when the latter toured their home country. I was totally blown away by their performance and quickly scrounge to anything they ever recorded. This is the only one I can find, for now.

PS: I only post Filipino releases to showcase them and to show the world what we have. So, all you Pinoi Punks, go to Cartimar Recto and buy these releases. The bands need your support!

Special thanks to Lena Johnston for the scans. More power!

Download Here


Putanginas said...

Thanks again for sharinng this split cd from my favorite pinoy hardcore bands. All the songs are In Your Face Straight Edge Hardcore. Definetly, I wiil buy the original one when I drop by at Recto. YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAYS \m/!!!!!!!!

Putanginas said...
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