Friday, July 24, 2009

VA - 10 of Another Kind

This is repost of an all-Pinoi New Wave compilation. Actually, this is the major label's answer to the Subterrean Romance (see above post). But this one includes 2 songs per band as opposed to Subterrean's which only includes 1 song per band.

Outstanding tracks from Violent Playground, Deans December, Ethnic Faces and Under Blue Skies. Enjoy!

Download Here


kittie said...

Big thanks Punk Rock Daddy, been looking for this for ages, lost my copy years ago and had a craving today for some OPM New Wave =)

Chester said...

Holy F...! Thanks man! I've been searching all over the net for this. Thanks a lot dude! ;)

Reuben said...

thanks a lot! do u have a copy of the "NU Rock: The Album"? :=)