Saturday, July 25, 2009

VA - Subterrenean Romance

This is a much-sought after release because of the limited copies. This is from the same guys who brought you the Deans December's Chemical Wedding. It include's Violent Playground's Tupperware Party, Dean's December's The Healing, Ethinc Faces' Golden Boy and Under Blue Skies' Falling (which were all re-released in the album compilation 10 of Another Kind, see the earlier post). Plus tracks from great bands like the Sake, the Vamp, Silos, Strange Days and album producer Nito Palacios (aka Integrated Circuit).


I would like to apologize to my good friend and fellow blogger, Dr. Stirring Rhod for the above picture. I hastily uploaded these posts that I forgot to mention the source for the CD cover and also for the person who gave me the copy of this comp, my long time partner in crime Terrorizer. I also corrected the misspelling of the album title. (What a moron!).

Again, my sincere apologies to Dr. Stirring Rhod and Terrorizer for omitting the credits they truly deserve. It was purely unintentional.

Download Here


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