Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bash and Pop - Friday Night is Killing Me

I was so pissed off when I learned that the Replacements disbanded. And I wasn’t pretty impressed with Paul Westerberg’s solo efforts though I got to admit that I have still got to hear his albums. I only based it on the songs from the Singles OST which were good but not what I expected.

But it’s a totally different story with Tommy Stinson’s first post-Mats project called Bash & Pop. I have to admit that the album is uneven, probably because of the group’s in-fighting and rumors have it that Tommy did most of the album himself. It surely lacks cohesion but songs like Never Aim to Please, the fast rocker aptly titled Fast & Hard and the very catchy single Loose Ends made this album worth listening to.

I remembered reading about Bash & Pop in Cream magazine never knowing who were the members were. After learning it was Tommy Stinson’s new band. I went straight to the local record store and bought the cassette. I wasn’t impressed but not disappointed either.

The thing is, Friday Night is Killing Me is not a must-have say like Pleased to Meet Me, but it’s a great record nonetheless.

I recently saw the CD in a bargain bin of Music One and bought it for Php 150 or roughly 3 dollars. Not bad…

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Jaybird said...

have you heard Village Gorilla Head? i dug that one

Punk Rock Daddy said...

haven't heard from them, but i got to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks P.R.D. always liked the title on this one..and since I have Tommy's David Letterman show on my youtube site..just left me with a hankerin' to hear this one..saw Bash and Pop too in the nineties and Tommy--what a guy --told me of his days bussing past Lake Harriet in old Mpls. where I was at the time anyhoo it's viacomclosedmedown channel on youtube p.s. he played a summer ago on my posted Soul Asylum footage as well for you fanatics/I mean fans..