Sunday, August 16, 2009

the Seeds - the Seeds

In a truly anthems from the alleyways fashion, my tribute to the late-great Sky Saxon was well… late. His death was over-shadowed by the death of the King of Pop and a 70’s icon. They all died the same day, I think. Anyways, the Seeds influence on punk was as vital as say the Stooges, Motor City 5, the Standells and the Sonics. I first read about them when they were mentioned with the artists I just mentioned. So, I scoured the local record stores, especially the second-hand shops the releases of these bands. I first scored Stooges’ Fun House, MC5’s Kick Out the Jams, and the Seeds’ self-titled album plus the New York Dolls’ debut and Velvet Underground’s Loaded.

They all sounded differently yet their attitude comes across big time! They’re garage sound is what appealed to me the most. While Iggy and the gang and MC5 exudes the kind of danger and urgency they’re known for, the Seeds, on the other hand, explored the psychedelic track with pop sensibilities which is more akin with 13th Floor Elevators’.
Ramones’s owed a lot to the Seeds as much as the Stooges. And to pay homage to the Seeds, the Ramones covered Can’t Seem to Make You Mine from this album on their all covers record called Acid Eaters.

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