Saturday, August 21, 2010

the Saints - (I'm Stranded)

The Saints – (I’m) Stranded

Last month, I said that I’ll be posting classic punk and hardcore records for youngsters who are new to punk and for those who just discovered punk. In keeping true to my promise, I’m posting not 1 or 2 classic punk records but 5 great debut albums!

First up is (I’m) Stranded, the debut album by the Australian punk legends The Saints.

When The Saints came to the scene back in 1976, they were virtually unknown. Then, a few copies of their first single (I’m) Stranded made it to UK and literally became “overnight” sensations, at least to the punk scene. Their music is more akin to the New York Dolls than the Ramones and their debut is a mixture of garage rock and punk. This is a must have for all punks and would-be punks. If you don’t have this you should grab it now. Enjoy!!!

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playrecordpause said...

great band, great albumn...check out 'radio birdman' also for classic late 70's oz rock/punk sounds.