Friday, July 30, 2010

That Petrol Emotion - Manic Pop Thrill

After the demise of the Undertones, their vocalist Feargal Sharkey embarked on a solo career and the O'neill's formed That Petrol Emotion. At first, I don't know what to think of this record, because I was hoping it would like the Undertones but its not. In fact, it kind of launched the music Madchester bands became famous for.

"That Petrol Emotion's scintillating debut reminds everyone, first and foremost, what an incredible musical alliance the O'Neill brothers can be. Following a succession of independent singles (after all, who wanted to touch a couple of ex-Undertones in the mid-'80s?), they settled on Demon for this inspired debut. "It's a Good Thing," "Mouth Crazy," and "Circusville" are typical of the contents -- relentless pop hooks married to surging guitar chords, underpinned by hints of swamp blues and nods to garage rock and other mutant strains of the rock & roll animal. As naked, bold, and impassioned a record as had been heard in years. The title says it all." (AMG)


Anonymous said...

bro, kumusta na? long time ah, hehe...i have this album on vinyl and had to admit i still don't get the feel of it. maybe after a few more spins huh? = )

anyways, i'll be blogging again in the near future so watch out. cheers!

Punk Rock Daddy said...

it's been a long time pare, kumusta na? Miss ka na ng blog world. :) Oo nga, ako hirap ding lunukin tong bandang to, masyadong uneven yung tugtugan. At pabago-bago yung style ng tugtugan. Yung akin ay cassette naman, college pa ata ako nito. Kasama sa padala na to yung Boom Crash Opera, Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation at yung Darklands ng Jesus & Marychain.

Anyways, nice to hear from you again and looking forward to your posts. :)