Friday, July 30, 2010

Love and Rockets - Earth Sun and Moon

The first I heard Love and Rockets was through the local radio station WXB 102.7FM. Their single "If There's a Heaven," off their debut album Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven, received some airplay. Needless to say, that single caught my attention which led me to buying their cassette (good thing it was locally available!). Their debut is a far cry from any Bauhaus releases and they continued this trend up to their last record.

A friend of mine saw Love and Rockets I think in Germany during the Earth Sun and Moon tour where they supported Depeche Mode (it was the 80's and not sure about the details of the story like the country and the headliner, but he saw them and was very impressed) and quickly bought their album after seeing them. He he went back here in the Philippines, he made me a tape and was so pissed because it's not locally available.

I listened to the tape for weeks because their sound was different from what I usually listened to, which is punk, hardcore and metal. No New Tale to Tell became a minor hit for them and I think the Mirror People too but my favorite track here is Waiting for the Flood.

Luckily, this record was made available after So Alive became a smash hit. Actually, all their albums became available locally.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

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