Friday, July 30, 2010

C.o.C. - Eye for an Eye Plus Six Songs with Mike Singing

I had this idea of posting classic punk and hardcore releases for those youngsters who are new to punk and for those who just discovered punk. Though I have yet to decide how often (every week or every two weeks) but one thing's for sure, I'm gonna do it guys.

And for the first of these classics, I chose C.o.C. because I was wearing their shirt when I thought about this idea. But I had a problem. I can't seem to make up my mind which of the first three releases of C.o.C. I'm going to post. They are all great and classic in my opinion.

So I did the next best thing, post the their first three releases!

So here you go guys, come and get a piece of (hardcore) history.



biopunk said...


No Green Manalishi!

I seriously need to get a turntable.

But thanks for this one, all the same!

And yr latest posts make it all '87, again...

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Biopunk, I made a serious boo-boo in ripping this one. Green Manalishi's in this one but I mislabeled it and tagged it as Eye For An Eye since Green Manalishi's an unlisted track. So, I was kind of in a rush ripping it and tagged the first 25 tracks and tagged the 26th track as bonus. This could not happen if I properly tagged Green Manalishi (the 20th track). Anyways, I made the necessary adjustment and rectified the whole thing by tagging them properly this time and re-upped them. Thanks a lot for the heads-up and the very kind comment.

biopunk said...


Rockin' Jeff said...

Right now my wife is watching the grammys, and i'm in the other room listening to the most anti-grammy music i can possibly think of. Right now it's Celtic Frost, Morbid Tales. When thats is over i'm thinking Suicidal's first. Then it'll be this one when it's done downloading... You've made me a very happy man. I haven't had this album since i was in high school. Thanks so much!