Monday, November 29, 2010

Young Fresh Fellows - Electric Bird Digest

This is my favorite YFF record. It's mixture power pop and rock tunes made this album worth a listen. When I first got this, I can't believe how good these guys are, especially their guitarist.

Here are some info about the band:

The Young Fresh Fellows are an American alternative rock group that was formed in 1981 in Seattle, Washington, by Scott McCaughey and Chuck Carroll; Tad Hutchison, Chuck Carroll's first cousin, joined for the recording of the group's debut album in 1983.
Their first album was The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest (1984) after which Jim Sangster joined the group on bass and McCaughey switched from bass to guitar. Carroll left the group in 1988, and was replaced by Kurt Bloch from The Fastbacks.
The song "Amy Grant", a comical song about Contemporary Christian music and pop music artist Amy Grant, from the album The Men Who Loved Music, was a huge success on college radio and arguably their biggest "hit."
The band are still together, although after 1996's A Tribute To Music they released no new material until Because We Hate You (2001), a split release with McCaughey's other band, the Minus 5. McCaughey has given more attention to the Minus 5 since then, while Bloch and Sangster have formed the band Sgt. Major, and Hutchison is working more on visual art and design, as well as performing/recording as Chris & Tad with Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America. However, the Fellows released I Think This Is in 2009 and embarked on a tour of Spain that October.
Since 1994, McCaughey has been a sort of "fifth member" of R.E.M., working with the band both onstage and in the studio.
The band was mentioned in the They Might Be Giants song "Twisting", and in the song by The Ziggens "Big Salty Tears", which was later covered by Brad Nowell of Sublime on the album "Brad Nowell & Friends: Acoustic".
The tribute album This One's for the Fellows (2004) features twenty covers of Young Fresh Fellows songs by artists including The Presidents of the United States of America, Robyn Hitchcock, and The Makers. (wikipedia)

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John said...

Ha got this album on cassette years ago and had forgotten all about it until I read your blog. Got some good stuff on it. Thanks for the upload.