Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rollins Band live with Keith Morris

Here's another post from Terrorizer. Actually, he snagged this from a blogspot somewhere but he can't remember where. So re-upload it to mediafire himself and send the link to me.

I think, this one's recorded in the wake of the West Memphis Three trials. I think the Rise Above Compilation for the West Memphis 3 was just been released. Keith & Henry shared the bill and played Black Flag songs. The first half of the record was with Keith Morris and the second one was with Hank. They also did two Ramones covers here as encores. Below are the complete tracklist:

01 - Intro by Keith Morris

02 - Nervous breakdown

03 - I've had it

04 - Depression

05 - Wasted

06 - Keith speaks

07 - No values

08 - Fix me

09 - Revenge

10 - Gimme gimme gimme

11 - Rise above

12 - Thirsty and miserable

13 - Clocked in

14 - I've heard it before

15 - American waste

16 - Henry speaks

17 - Jealous again & Room 13

18 - I don't care

19 - TV party

20 - Can't decide

21 - Police story

22 - Six pack

23 - What I see

24 - No more

25 - Black coffee

26 - Slip it in

27 - My war

28 - Intermezzo Henry talks

29 - Damaged

30 - Play free bird

31 - Modern man

32 - Gimme gimme shock treatment

33 - Sheena is a punk rocker

This is a kickass record, grab it now!

Rollins Band with Keith Morris


The Racing Rabbit said...

Hi Punk rock Daddy!

I think it's the wrong link.

It leads directly to the Deep Six Comp.

Anonymous said...

what he said .... wrong link dude

Punk Rock Daddy said...

the link has been fixed. thanks for the heads up

Anonymous said...


Here's the compilation "Bloodstains across Puerto Rico" featuring 30 punk and hardcore bands from 1986-2008. If you want to post it in the blog, go ahead!




durruti said...

This sounds very interesting indeed - cheers ;)


Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for this-is this from the 930 Club show?

Punk Rock Daddy said...

yes, it's from that show

Chris said...

Not too sure what to make of Rollins doing Ramones covers(Better than Metallica's Ramones efforts though) or the whole Freebird speech but otherwise this was great.

Anonymous said...

Where's the "Keith Morris" half? I only got the Henry Rollins 2nd half.

Marvene said...

Thanks for writing this.

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Anonymous said...