Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rumble Militia

Rumble Militia is a Thrash /Crossover band from Germany. There are familiar riffs here and there in their records, say from Metallica among others, but it's not like it's a bad thing. Actually, this is a post from my long-time partner in crime Terrorizer and another friend J-E-L-L-O from Indonesia. Terrorizer is so in the mood for Trash/Crossover bands lately that it kind of inspired me to dig into my thrash/crossover collection, hence the previous posts of Voivod & Hirax.

Anyways, here's Germany's own Thrash/Crossover band Rumble Militia courtesy of Terrorizer, thanks for the upload bro. Enjoy!!!

Rumble Militia - Fuck Off Commercial

Rumble Militia - Stop the Violence & Madness

Rumble Militia - Hate Me

Rumble Militia - They Gave You the Blessing

Rumble Militia – Wieviel Hass Wollt Ihr Noch EP

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