Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scruffy The Cat - Tiny Days

Part of the fertile late-'80s Boston music scene that included the Blake Babies, the Lemonheads, and Buffalo Tom, when it came to making a clang, Scruffy the Cat favored traditional instruments such as harmonicas and banjos to the wall of distortion of their contemporaries. That's not to say the songs on Tiny Days don't rock, however. Using great sing-song melodies and a relentless backbeat, Scruffy transform basic pop songs like "Time Never Forgets" and "Thomas Doubter" into roots rock workouts; a New England, clam chowdery version of Jason & the Scorchers or Steve Earle. (AMG)

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chris yackoboski said...

Hey, I was super-excited to finally get Tiny Days digitally, but I couldn't retrieve it. Is there something I'm missing?



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By the way the Lemonheads announced an Australian tour playing all thirteen songs from the 1992 album It's a Shame about Ray, plus a selection of songs from other albums